[Pics] JKS with Choi Moon-soon (governor of Gangwon Province)

The governor visited Switch filming site. How sweet!

Original source: moonsoonc Instagram


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9 thoughts on “[Pics] JKS with Choi Moon-soon (governor of Gangwon Province)”

      • Thank you so much for replying. I’m a new fan of JKS. So much I need to know about him. I’ve been searching and watching all his past dramas & movies just in this two months. I haven’t started with his concerts yet but I did watch some of his past variety shows & interviews. I’m still looking forward to get to know him more. Please guide me so that I can be a good loyal fan of him.

    • Wowww! You are a brand new eel!! Welcome sissy to eels’ pond!! Our eels sisters are very friendly and its indeed the best fandom ever.. And our Oppa is the best-est haha!!

      Do complete his interviews first. There are many posted here. There are many eng subbed eps available in YT also. Specially Happy camp, Star Date (many episodes) and the best is his Kneedrop Guru (U can find it here: http://jangkeunsukforever.com/video-links) you will know much more better through his interviews. I m enjoying my 3rd yr as his eel now.. hihi.. Enjoy!!

      • Thank you for welcoming me, Priya. I feel so touched when I saw all the links you gave. You have no idea how much I yearn to watch his videos in English Subtitles. I’ve been searching like a blind person trying to find ways. I wish I can understand Korean and Japanese language.

  1. Yes sis.. I think we all are like that when we first start to know him.. He is such a man.. Hihi.. Me n my close friends now had sleepless nights searching info on him.. haha..

    But after few months, or a year, u will feel u know a lot of things abt hm.. He really feels like a boy next door. He always tries to be very close to his fans.. Such a bright star we have. And if u read all FAs here, u will know how much is the love & respect of his eels for him.. something that he truly deserves..

    You can follow these accounts:

    For some (Actually many) unique JKS’s videos: https://www.instagram.com/everydayjks/

    For all instant pics: Follow Pei sis, she is super fast.. 🙂 https://www.instagram.com/pei_cri/

    My IG: priya_indianeel

    In FB pages,JKS World, JKS eels, Hungarian eels, JKS Europe, Kiss The Prince (for pics u will be amazed seeing) JKS India (haha it’s my page, I started last yr.. kk) & more..

    U can also join The Eels Family secret grp by filling up their forms.

    And wait for ECI members to recruit members for their group. They do it almost every yr. I m now a part of it & we enjoy a lotttt there with so many like minded ppl there.. (& the only hot topic is our Prince) ❤

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