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May 12, 2018 in Drama / Movies / TV, Fan Account by tenshi_akuma (Japan)

WARNING: If you haven’t watched this episode, please be aware of spoiler from reading this article. If you do not want to see, please do not click the link “Read rest of this entry”. We welcome all the comments and please share your thoughts too about ‘Switch’. Thanks.
Author: Eva CountryBlueBerry from JKS italian fan page, EuropEels and ECI
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Episode 25:
We were still crying since last Thursday for what happened, right? Well, let’s keep the kleenex near us… in episode 25 they totally racapped the end of ep 24, just to make us remember how Sa Do Chan was suffering in losing for the second time his dad (and how great is JKS acting in this so heart breaking scene T_T)

Mad and totally won by the fury of sorrow and anger, Sa Do Chan directly run to Grizzly office, with his heart not beating slowly at all. He’s almost literally exploding, and Mr. Geum keep on pushing his anger on and on, even throwing him the prosthetic hand of his passed away dad.

I have to say, I am quite shocked to know that Sa Ma Chun and Geum were in the past a couple of con artists together, even if Geum was a detective.

Totally blinded by his fury and desperation, Sa Do Chan attacked Grizzly, but the fight seems to end tragically.

We discover pretty soon that Mr Geum is totally fine and he set a really easy con to the emotionally shocked Sa Do Chan. Now our swindler is an outlaw, on the wanted list for attempting a murder. And the prosecutors office is in the chaos, as the media bring also out the fact that Sa Do Chan impersonated a prosecutor. Ha Ra and Joon Soo are in danger too now, they can be persecuted if they were accomplices of a con artist.

Because of this dangerous situation, despite his bad heart’s condition, Joon Soo wanted to be back at work.

As soon as the news Mr. Geun is awake, Joon Soo went straight to his hospital room, discovering that devil is perfectly fine, and already suspecting he conned Sa Do Chan. During their talk, Joon Soo wanted to clarify that he will persecute him no matter what, and Mr Geum threatened Ha Ra’s life.

When Joon Soo revealed Ha Ra that Mr. Geum is totally fine and he trapped Do Chan, she decided to move straight to the hospital and arrest that demon, even if Joon Soo tried to stopped her because they have no evidence for Sa Ma Chun murder.

That awful man decided to follow her and play the part of the victim.

As the resonanting news of the arrest of the victim is over media already, Sa Do Chan now knows that Grizzly is alive, and with his heart much calmer now, he understood that he was totally conned by his enemy. The real revenge will arrive soon!
(let’s appreciate soooo much this JKS look… ♥)

Even the swindlers gang is relieved that Mr. Geum is alive, it means Sa Do Chan is not a murderer, and it means also that Mr. Geum fooled Do Chan… twice…

Meanwhile, Ha Ra is querying Mr. Geum, and at the false reply of him, she totally brought out what she found about his assets and money movement, till the new Lichtestein account on the name of Simon Jo (that I think is Mr. Geum’s son). Hearing that, Grizzly eyes were looking at her in a so scary way….

Sadly, the new district prosecutor is corrupt as the previous one (oh, so sad… I hoped till the end Ms. Jin to be wiser and more honest…), and she made Ha Ra release the evil man.

For the humiliation suffered by Ha Ra, grizzly is totally angry, and decides to catch Do Chan and makes Ha Ra and Joon Soo lose their job as fast as possible.

In the next scene, Ha Ra met the detective she was working with since first episode. Now he can reveal everything about Sa Ma Chun and the fact he was Do Chan’s dad. But he revealed also something Ha Ra didn’t know: Do Chan studied for the bar exam and was one of the best of the class, but he couldn’t take the exam because a problem occurred: and the cause of the problem, in the beginning, was one of the con set by Ma Chun to trap Grizzly. Because of this, Sa Ma Chun totally felt ashamed to his own son and couldn’t face him.

This episode ends with Ha Ra thinking about Do Chan before sleeping, even if he told her more than once not to get involved with him, it seems she is really soooo much involved now ♥

Episode 26:
The episode starts with a long flashback with all the details we missed till now, because this is not the usual Sa Do Chan memory of a child we could see, but the real event occurred under the eyes of Grizzly. His (second) wife Min Ha discovered he got already a wife and even a son, and that he fooled her because he was interested in money and power of her dad, the probably becoming new prime minister Mr. Choi. They had a bad fight about that, ended tragically with the death of the woman.

At this point, Grizzly thought to blame for this his friend and con artist Ma Chun, and he invited him in their holiday house, because he wanted to collect his fingerprints on the knife he used to stab again the woman.

Back to the present, we see the old tiger Mr. Choi, with the new and precious information given by Sa Ma Chun before walking his last steps to save Do Chan, asking for the stupid gangster to meet (yes, I will never remember his name LOL And honestly I was thinking he could be wiser making band with Do Chan and his group, but he went back to Grizzly! Why??? I even thought he was revealed of everything by Ma Chun and he was back to Grizzly to take his silent revenge… but nope, it’s Mr Choi in this right moment that reveals him he’s Grizzly’s son! I am quite disappointed LOL)

In this way, Mr. Choi really switched on the timer of a dangerous bomb near Grizzly life.
(honestly speaking, stupid gangster, I don’t want you to kill Grizzly. You’re too stupid. I want Mr. Kim to become mad and kill everyone LOL)

Knowing Mr. Geum is healthy and alive, Do Chan decide to contact Ha Ra to have her help, and went also back to his swindler group to set up the con.

While on other side, Joon Soo, whose heart’s problems are becoming more serious moment by moment, is thinking how to catch Grizzly making Sa Do Chan disappear (die!!!)

As everyone is ready for the setting, In Tae with his hacker ability make Mr. Geum worried for his 200 million dollars at the Licthenstein account, and while Mr. Kim was trying to locate hacker IP and location, he got a call by Mr. Choi, that let him to understand he has the money, and ask back his bank ledger.

But this is what Do Chan was setting: call Grizzly in the holiday house where everything started, and get caught by Ha Ra and put in jail, declaring Ha Ra and Joon Soo never known about him impersonating a prosecutor and protecting them like this!

Again, he’s openly face to face with the demon who killed his father, and he revealed him he was there 20 years before, when he tried to kill his dad.
(Let’s look at his powerful eyes ♥)

Do Chan got arrested by Ha Ra, and the one interrogates him is Joon Soo, who obviously knew from Ha Ra he set this up to protect her and him and their prosecutors position. But Joon Soo was working on a different scenario, and he wanted to talk privately with Do Chan about his last and everlasting switch.

We will see another, final SWITCH between the two of them? I am thinking since many episodes ago, Joon Soo would give up his unhealthy life and gift it to Do Chan, as a prosecutor… Let’s see what will happen in next episodes! [END]

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