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*Episode 13
Sa Do Chan received a call asking for help to save someone. At first, he thought it was scam call. But when he heard the name of grizzly, he rushed to the place which the informant said, without knowing that it was set up for him.

Oh Ha Ra and Beak Joon Soo had already a doubt that there is an ulterior motive why Do Chan agrees to stand in for them. Oh Ha Ra try to make Do Chan confess his true motives. So Oh Ha Ra bring Do Chan to the house which they came for drugs in pool. Oh Ha Ra had a sense that Do Chan had already known that place and there is something about Do Chan and grizzly.

But despite of what Oh Ha Ra said, Do Chan denied that he didn’t see grizzly and give warning to her that never go deep down to his life. Oh Ha Ra also give him warning not to handle grizzly on his personal feelings.

Back in 20 years ago, Do Chan and his father who also a con artist went to Geum Tae-Woong house and told Do Chan that his the caretaker and they live there together. Do Chan feeling excited to see how nice the place is, but his father old man bbeong sense that there is something bad happened after he saw the blood on the door nob and saw car coming, so in order Do Chan will be safe he ask Do Chan to play hide and seek and not to come out until he called him.

Present time Choi Jung-Pil order Mr Kim to kill Jo Sung Doo, but Geum Tae-Woong order Manager Kim to bring Jo Sung-Doo to him and told Mr Kim to treat each other as a family because he want to protect his family and he don’t take orders, but behind his good intention Geum Tae Woong only want Jo Sung Doo to find Director Bong.

Hwang Bum Do who was arrested in smuggling in distribution of drugs was return to Seoul Central Prosecutors to claim against the president false confession.

Do Chan and Oh Ha Ra want him to confess who really grizzly is , but in order to protect his daughter Hwang Bum Doo saying his really grizzly.

On the other side, the district prosecutor Jung Do-Young gathered the media to share the initial investigation regarding drugs smuggling case in diplomatic bags and for further investigation he decided to transfer the case from Criminal Department Six to Violent Crime Unit, because this what Mr. Choi want him to do regarding Oh Ha Ra and Do Chan.

But Jin Kyung-Hee had a doubt why suddenly Jung Do-Young decided to give announcement when the prosecutors who in charge have no conclusion yet.
But it seems Jung Do Young try to convince Jin Kyung Hee to stand his side so that time come he will offer his seat to her.

About Oh Ha Ra, she had a doubt about Hwang Bum Doo. Tons of money where it goes? so Oh Ha Ra asked Director Bong to help her to get inside the house without using warrant and it will keep secret from Do Chan, and being a con artist Director Bong and his team get inside without any problem, at the basement they found paintings and Eun Ji found a laptop and get files information copied by Jeon In Tae and give it to Oh Ha Ra.

Meanwhile Do Chan keep remembering what had happened 20 years ago and analyzing if Geum Tae-Woong is the one who killed his wife and tried to frame it to his father.

While Jeon In-Tae and So Eun-Ji feel disappointed to Do Chan feeling that he had a secret which he didn’t tell them, so they want to stay out of the team. Do Chan decide to tell them the truth, the reason why he stayed being a fake prosecutor because he want to find grizzly and it is his goal to catch grizzly.

Do Chan and Director Bong started to dig what had happened 20 years ago and gathered previous information and Do Chan wondered why the daughter of Mr. Choi died in June not in April which the date Do Chan remember.

When Oh Ha Ra try to find the information about Hwang Bum Doo Laundered money she find it clean but suddenly something caught her attention its the paintings.

*Episode 14
Oh Ha Ra figure out why Hwang Bum Doo doesn’t enough money, it is because he used them up to buy paintings in a high cost, and she figure it out that there’s a tax evasion, money laundering and bribing an official through art works by selling paintings into a high cost of Geum Tae Woong.

While Investigator Go talk about feel gallery, he suddenly slip his tongue and tell Oh Ha Ra that Sa Do Chan told him to find out the case of Sa Ma Chan if it was suicide or homicide without her knowing. So when Oh Ha Ra ask Investigator Go to give her the file case of Sa Ma Chan. He can’t say no since he already caught and beg her to keep it from Sa Do Chan or Baek Joon Soo as what he believe.

And while reading the case of Sa Ma Chan, Oh Ha Ra remember why Do Chan became a successful con artist by power of early education as what Do Chan told her.

Oh Ha Ra figure out that Sa Ma Chan is Do Chan’s father and she tell it to Beak Joon Soo. She think that Do Chan firmly believe that his father was murdered and she believes that Do Chan witnessed something that makes him believe that his father is not a murderer.

While Baek Joon Soo had a feelings that Geum Tae Woong and grizzly is the same person. On the other hand, Do Chan order director bong to followed Choi Jung Pil where he go and whom he meet, while following Mr. Choi director bong want to pull out because he was thinking that Do Chan make mistakes about Mr. Choi, but still Do Chan never give up for him when they give up they will lose.

Mr Choi went to Temple of Prayer room for deceased and that makes Do Chan wonder why Mr. Choi went that place. So director Bong keep watched until Mr. Choi will finish and when they finish and went out Do Chan got surprise to see Geum Tae Woong holding the pic of his deceased wife Choi Min Ah.

And it seems not only Do Chan tailed Mr Choi but also Old Man Bbeong/Sa Ma Chan and after the memorial Mr Choi decide not to hold a memorial of his daughter twice a year anymore and makes him surprise when Geum Tae Woong called him Mr. Choi, not sir nor father.

Back 20 years ago the truth behind Choi Min Ah death, Geum Tae Woong reported to Mr. Choi that his daughter was killed and he pointed Sa Ma Chan the one who killed his daughter he broke inside the house and steal important things and he was caught.

Geum Tae Woong frame Sa Ma Chan that he stabbed Choi Min Ah multiple times, but behind his story Geum Tae Woong plan to frame Sa Ma Chan he want that Sa Ma Chan can hold the knife which he used to kill his wife and Sa Ma Chan fingerprints was the evidence that his the one who killed Choi Min Ah.

But for Mr. Choi, his candidacy is more important than his daughters death. He doesn’t want to lose his candidacy so he ordered Geum Tae Woong to make the media silence and both of them only knows that Min Ah died. They will keep it buried secretly.

Mr. Choi choose June 10 date of election is the day that Min Ah help his campaign and died in car accident and he told Geum Tae Woong to arrange everything.

About Old Man Bbeong, it seems that Do Chan doesn’t know that his father still alive, Old Man Bbeong remembered what had happened about losing his hand 20 years ago. Geum Tae Woong is grizzly who Baek Joon Soo and Do Chan search for a long time and the one who makes Old Man Bbeong hide, losing his hand and losing his son Do Chan, because of grizzly. He couldn’t meet Do Chan and he want grizzly to pay his crime.

Now Do Chan had plan to get close Geum Tae Woong one step at the time and meanwhile Director Bong was drunk and accidentally meet Jo Sung Doo. Then suddenly by looking each other they both remember each other and director bong suddenly run to avoid Sung Doo and Jo Sung Doo chase him and when they reach at abandon building director bong started to play with Sung Doo.

But it seems that they meet each other not coincident but it was a plan made by Sa Do Chan. Director Bong make Sung Doo to chase him in order to corner him inside the building and catch him without escape.

Finally the secret from 20 years ago and the puzzled of hide and seek which Sa Do Chan want to solved is started to complete ,now we must look forward what Do Chan can do to reveal the real happening 20 years the puzzled of hide and seek and face to face of grizzly. [END]

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