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April 18, 2018 in Drama / Movies / TV, Fan Account by tenshi_akuma (Japan)

WARNING: If you haven’t watched this episode, please be aware of spoiler from reading this article. If you do not want to see, please do not click the link “Read rest of this entry”. We welcome all the comments and please share your thoughts too about ‘Switch’. Thanks.
Author: Pinky Pie from ECI
Photo credit: SBS

Before anything else, I want to thank Eel’s Club International (ECI) Team especially to Tenshi Akuma and the people behind the foundation of this site for this unforgettable experience.

To be honest, it was on the 3rd quarter of year 2016 when I fell for this guy’s “trap” after watching You’re Beautiful hahaha. Yes, after.

PS. The series served only as a gate for me to be curious and interested about Jang Keun Suk’s life. I fell for his trap not because of his looks but after knowing his life beyond the reel.

Based on my experiences, eyeing for Korean Celebrities’ activities and whereabouts are challenging but Jang Keun Suk Forever Site made it EELSier (easier) for everyone. This has been my sanctuary for almost 3 years already 🙂 Hope the team will continue to update and maintain this site “Forever”.

Going back, since that year, I have been ultimately dying and dreaming of writing an entry for this site. To be specific – an FA for his concert in Japan hahaha (I hope, really hope to attend his concert in the future) PS. please sing “Under One Umbrella” when time comes hahaha) but an earlier opportunity knocks when Tenshi looked for representatives to write something about Switch – Change the World.

So here I am, about to start my thoughts 🙂

I have indicated the following:
– 20 important notes
– 28 notable scenes
– 11 quotable quotes
– 05 questions for the upcoming episodes
– 90 screenshots (believe me, these are only some. Was not able to capture other scenes of Sa Do Chan. I got hooked over JKS’ acting and forgot to take screenshots already hahaha :p )

Thank Keun in advance for the Eels who will make it through until the end 🙂

Reference: Asianwiki
This is just a helpful reference for those who still gets confused with the cast’s character names
(yes, I am one of them 🙂 )
Additional Characters:
– Choi Sang Hyun (Diplomat)
– Hwang Bum Do (who pretended to be Grizzly)

1. Geum Tae-Woong inspected the things of Choi Sang Hyun which he realized after, that there was a hidden meaning from the highlighted words in the Thai Bible: “In my path, I have sent lions. They will save you”

2. Oh Ha Ra informed Baek Joon Soo that Grizzly was found. However, Baek Joon Soo stated that Grizzly’s should have been stopped and caught. Baek Jon Soo and Sa Do Chan discussed about taking the “right” path but since both have a different stand, Oh Ha Ra stopped two parties from arguing.

3. Oh Ha Ra had a drinking session with her sister as she was having a hard time handling two opposite personalities. After drinking, she went to Baek Joon Soo’s room, unknowingly and bluntly state her sentiments towards the two. She then, ended up saying that Baek Joon So is good looking.

4. Manager Kim talked to Geum Tae-Woong privately and handed the picture of the person who gave the bible to Choi Sang Hyun. Geum Tae-Woong then instructed Manager Kim to keep an eye to “Baek Joon Soo’s” colleagues.
Side Note: I think the photo that was given to Geum Tae-Woong will make sense on the future episodes.

5. Sa Do Chan’s Team had a background check regarding Hwang Bum Do. Results says that he has a clean background. Yet, Sa Do Chan disagreed stating that probably the accounts used were borrowed accounts. It is still yet suspicious if Hwang Bum Do is the real Grizzly until they thought of the vacation house which will be a factor to determine Grizzly’s identity.

6. Sa Do Chan’s Team confirmed the details about the vacation house which made Sa Do Chan’s hopped out of the prosecutor’s office for a while. Oh Ha Ra secretly followed him in their hideout.
The team got surprised when Oh Ha Ra appeared in the scene.

7. Geum Tae-Woong reported to Choi Jung Pil that Choi Sang Hyun called Hwang Bum Do during his escape from the scene. Choi Jung Pil told Choi Do-Young to buzz Geum Tae-Woong once “Baek Joon Soo” investigate further about Hwang.

8. The briefing regarding Hwang Bum Do’s vacation house has started and presided by Sa Do Chan. It ended with a conclusion that there is something in the pool floor. Yang Ji-Soong thought of Illegal Remodeling as a solution to grant a warrant from the upper heads.

9. Old Man Bbeong has attended a “Kettle Corn Conference”

10. Yang Ji-Soong was able to secure a warrant and advised the team accordingly. Jung Do-Young noticed from the window that Baek Joon Soo’s Team has an operation to take. From the back showed, Jin Kyun-Lee being questionable about Jung Do-Young’s facial reaction.

11. Baek Joon So’s Team arrived in the scene and the pool was left empty. Plastics and boxes were found on the pool floor. Oh Ha Ra quickly followed the Orange Truck but it got lost from her sight. She then called Baek Joon Soo and told him that Sa Do Chan’s hidden motive is actually the drugs.

12. Hwang Bum Do advised Geum Tae-Woong that he has taken out the goods before the prosecutors came but the Orange Truck was fully stolen. He also pointed out that this was a result from Jo Sung Doo’s action which created a stir for the prosecutors to go on move. Meanwhile, the secretary suddenly entered the room reminding Hwang Bum Do for his scheduled event in the senior citizen center where flours will be given.

13. Oh Ha Ra started to locate on Sa Do Chan’s whereabouts and it lead her to the location of the senior citizen center. She then went to the center afterwards.

14. The old guy (from Sa Do Chan’s Team) questioned Hwang Bum Do about the quality of flours donated to the center. To prove the good quality of the product, the old man tasted it only to find out that the sacks are not actually flours, instead drugs.

15. Police Officers came and arrested Hwang Bum Do for the possession of illegal drugs. The news immediately dispersed to the public through the media.

16. Meanwhile, Sa Do Chan and Oh Ha Ra saw the drug mule victims (mother and son) in front of the Prosecution Building. The victims thanked the prosecutors for catching the bad guys and individually thanked Sa Do Chan for paying the hospital bill.

17. Inside the room, Hwang Bum Do confessed to be Grizzly but upon Oh Ha Ra and Sa Do Chan’s further interrogations, it was silentely proven that he is not the real Grizzly.

18. Choi Jung-Pil planned to take away Jo Sung Doo due to the major outbreak that happened to their black business. In their perspective, this happened due to Jo Sung Doo’s irresponsible and careless acts. To save Jo Sung Doo’s life, Moon Sik silently went to Jo Sung Doo and informed the bad plan for him.

19. A random number whom Sa Do Chan thought was from a Chinese Restaurant texted and called him stating that for them to catch Grizzly, this person should be saved. It seems that Jo Sung Doo and Moon Sik seek help to “Baek Joon Soo” to spare Jo Sung Doo’s life.

20. Sa Do Chan then arrived in the address that he was given. But upon entering the room, he faced a gang who asked him “who are you” and “Who are you supposed to be?”

1. Shrimp vs. Supreme Pizza Session of Sa Do Chan’s Team
– So Eun-Ji – as the innocent one
– Jeon In-Tae – as the “I know It” one
– Director Bong – as the one who got confused in the end haha

I just find this scene lovely and funny at the same time because these three have an “On the Job” scenes most of the time.

Most probably, having read that they would be an “eating a pizza” scene on the script gave them a rewarding feeling.

Oops, I just changed my mind and suddenly remembered, maybe before this scene, these three were already full due to eels’ support of endless food trucks and caterings in the set. Thank you, eels!
Reference Video:

2. How JKS perfectly portrays Baek Joon Soo’s character during the discussion scene with Sa Do Chan
– When Baek Joon So shows the feeling of being sick, angry and composed all at the same time. How does he able to show calmness in tone while we also know that he was mad to Sa Do Chan at that time? Haha
Reference Video:

3. Baek Joon Soo called Sa Do Chan, “Sa Do Chan-ssi”
– This reminds me of Director Choi calling Botong, Botong-ssi in Bel Ami hahaha
Reference Video:

4. Baek Joon Soo’s heart aches
– My heart aches too seeing you in pain hahaha
Reference Video:

5. Oh Ha Ra’s drinking session with her sister and going to Baek Joon Soo’s room drunk
– Oh Ha Ra is really having a difficult time handling both personalities of the two guys. Personally, I would say to her, choose the real life JKS as he has both. But he is more of Sa Do Chan than Baek Joon Soo. Hahahaha
Reference Video:

6. When Oh Ha Ra said that JKS ooops Baek Joon Soo is good looking
– For God’s sake, good looking is an understatement. O Ha Ra should have said, “Punk, you look like Jang Keun Suk” hahaha that encompasses everything hahaha
– Funny thing is, after Oh Ha Ra said that to Baek Joon Soo, he just shrugged the thought of it. I wonder whay will happen if she told that to Sa Do Chan instead? Hahahaha!
Reference Video:

7. When Sa Do Chan successfully created a sketch of the vacation house plus the swimming pool in 3D
– As we all know, drawing is quite challenging for JKS. But, he pulled off this part 🙂 🙂 🙂
(Special mention to newbie_eel. I have now included this part hahaha)
Reference Video:

8. Resolution taught by So Eun-Ji and Jeon In-Tae in order to free
themselves from tailing Hwang Bum Do

– Should they be the third lead pair? Hahaha next to:
o Baek Joon Soo x Oh Ha Ra x Sa Do Chan
o Oh Ha Ra’s Mother x Old Man Bbeong
By the way, So Eun-Ji secretly smiled after doing that hahahaha
Reference Video:

9. Chicken​ cooking session of Oh Ha Ra’s Mother and Old Man Bbeong
– Who would have thought that their scene will prosper from meeting at the side market to a cooking session? Hahaha
– To add, when Old Man Bbeong asked Oh Ha Ra’s Mother if what is the most important factor, I thought he will strike a line to startled Oh Ha Ra’s Mother. Like, “putting your heart into cooking” hahaha but I forgot, he is a potential con artist from the past. Hence, striking “a kettle corn” as a missing factor instead. #BusinessMan hahaha
Reference Video:

10. Oh Ha Ra’s Mother and Oh Ha Ra’s Scene: Not to date Baek Jon Soo and Oh Ha Ra replied, “that con artist?”
– Even Oh Ha Ra got confused who is who hahahha
Reference Video:

11. Briefing session of the team about the vacation house
– This scene was just intellectually delivered hahaha. If you are multitasking while watching this segment, you might drop the other one and focus on this instead.
– Apart from having this highly-logical segment, here comes Yang Ji-Soong who broke the ice and said “I’m math illiterate” hahaha
– But the fuel again rose, when Oh Ha Ra started to follow the topic and converse with Sa Do Chan about his formula ideas.
– Accompanied by a trembling sound, here comes Investigator Go, who abruptly stand up and said “Drugs” and the rest of the team actively participated in the discussion
Reference Video:

12. When Sa Do Chan said, “Ding Dong Ding”, raised his eyeglasses and eyebrows
– Hahaha I just love these parts.
Reference Video:

13. Old Man Bbeong’s attending a Kettle Corn Conference
– You can notice that he barely moves his left hand and upon alighting the cab, his left hand is different from his right, a prosthetic maybe? 🙂

– I wonder if he is really attending a Kettle Corn Conference or maybe he is observing one of the activities of Choi-Jung Pil? There’s a scenario that a woman approached a man and said “Prime Minister Choi-Jung Pil sent me”
Reference Video:

14. When Oh Ha Ra and Team were granted by a search warrant
– Special mention once again to newbie_eel for observing this. She mentioned why the team always on the rush whenever they are going down the stairs of the Prosecution Building hahaha
Reference Video:

15. When Sa Do Chan’s Team created a scene and stole the Orange Truck
– Scenario: Jeon In-Tae plays as a police officer and abruptly drives it. Orange Truck owners were unabled to follow as the Sa Do Chan’s Team planted some pins to flat the tire
– This is just a nice plot
Reference Video:

16. When Baek Joon Soo became the truck driver
– I do not know if he has a scene before where he drove a truck. Hahahaha but it is my first time seeing him driving a truck. This series is definitely, a bomb. Should we see him driving a plane or a helicopter the next time? Hahahaha <3 - not to mention on how many times Sa Do Chan smirks. Hahaha It reminds me of 2009 smirk hahaha. Hello Hwang Tae Kyung
Reference Video:

17. When Oh Ha Ra started to look hysterical and frustrated for missing the Orange Truck from her sight
– You can see how angry and disappointed is Oh Ha Ra towards Sa Do Chan thinking that she was deceived and stabbed in the back.
– Why do I associate the scene to Sa Do Chan, betraying and replacing Oh Ha Ra to another woman hahahaha. Then, here comes Oh Ha Ra calling Baek Joon Soo for comfort hahaha
Reference Video:

18. The passing of the big truck with message on the side
– The message of the truck is still quite vague to me. But I love this scene
Reference Video:

19. When Oh Ha Ra located Sa Do Chan’s whereabouts
– This is one of the best scenes too when Oh Ha Ra tries to scourge Sa Do Chan’s back with a stick. Hahahhaa and the way how Sa Do Chan says “Aha, Relax” I cannnnnot!!! There’s something unexplainable that I feel whenever I hear him speaks in English hahaha!
(special thanks to Medytox for letting him sing an English song. Hi JKS hope you can also sing an English song to your next concert. You have numbers of International Eels so please do also consider us hahahaha!!)

Take it this way:
o When I heard him speaking Korean for the first time, he really has a nice, deep, manly voice (okaaay insert all positive adjectives here hahaha)

o When he speaks Japanese – I questioned myself on how a man can master other language aside from his native language. I find multi-lingual people smart and attractive. Also, given the fact that he can still deliver his humor well even in Japanese.

o When I learned that he understands, and he CAN speak in English – my heart just fell on the ground where dusts stuck to it, but I. don’t. care. At all. HAHAHAHAHA. I just forgot how to breathe. So people, please tap me and help me get back to my senses. Hahahaha!! There is something in him whenever he speaks in English and I love it. hahaha

– When Sa Do Chan told Oh Ha Ra, “Your heart is racing again as usual”. He’s like a cool and smart guy whenever he says things like that hahaha

– When their faces are about 3.5 inches close and how Oh Ha Ra stares Sa Do Chan while Sa Do Chan’s right hand is calmly resting on Oh Ha Ra’s shoulder hahahaha
Reference Video:

20. Sa Do Chan’s answer (boo boo psh – truck’s sound) to Oh Ha Ra’s question on how did he get the Orange Truck and suddenly disappear?
– Why does he always do weird yet cute sounds in this series hahahahhaa
Reference Video:

21. When Oh Ha Ra beat Sa Do Chan
– They are cute, really cute together
– How Sa Do Chan holds Han Ye Ri’s hand while stopping her to do it hahahaha (yes, I spotted that and of course, thousands of eels will also do! Even scenarios not caught in the camera, they will know haha dEELtectives)
– I wonder if they really act this scene or it comes out naturally hahaha Sa Do Chan’s ear got red afterwards hahahaha
– And the neutral face saying “Let’s Go” at the end, as if nothing happened. hahaha
– Han Ye Ri shares a different chemistry with Jang Keun Suk compared to his other leading ladies haha
Reference Video:

22. When Yang Ji-Soong whole-heartedly do the sign of the cross
– This is very funny. I like his character here. He’s like a fearful and submissive prosecutor that hopes everything to be okay hahaha
– The way he said yes three times while pointing his fingers hahaha
Reference Video:

23. What Oh Ha Ra told Sa Do Chan
– I just found it sweet that though the reason is vague, Oh Ha Ra felt that the result would be for the common good.
Reference Video:

24. When the drug mule victim thanked Sa Do Chan for paying the hospital bill
– I was teary-eyed after watching this scene because I know off-cam Jang Keun Suk is also doing the same thing 🙂
– But it was funny at the same time how Sa Do Chan responded to it hahahaha notice his facial expression hahaha
Reference Video:

25. How Sa Do Chan answered the young boy who wants to be a prosecutor someday, his reaction after Oh Ha Ra beat him and how he wittily defended himself from Oh Ha Ra
Reference Video:

26. How Sa Do Chan lively greeted Mi Ran-ssi and how he happily swiped his Identification Card and said “Nice”
– I want to become Mi Ran-ssi for a second. Imagine her role, he will be greeted by JKS and in return she has to smile hahahaha. Definitely, I will die after the director says “Cut” hahahahahaha or should I plan to have few takes so JKS will say Hi to me number of times? Hahaha for sure he will get angry for not taking the scenes correctly. Hahahha I think to date, he greeted Mi Ran three times already hahaha
Reference Video:

27. How Sa Do Chan jokingly responded to the call and how he says did I fluster you?
– Notice carefully the “Did I fluster you” part hahahaha
Reference Video:

28. How Sa Do Chan drove his motor and how he manly removed his glove out of his left hand
– I did not expect that this scene will be shown in this episode. Sa Do Chan’s photos of driving in a motor has been circulating in the internet before the airing day of Episode 9 and 10. Hahaha. How cool is he, right? This reminds me of Baby and Me 🙂
Reference Video:

*Special Thanks to: Newbie_eel for helping me to upload some of the videos.

1. A person’s attention is directed to that which he is curious ~Episode 11
2. You keep losing because you’ll only fight in the ring. They are throwing chairs from outside the ring and doing as they please ~ Sa Do Chan
3. What’s the use in living strictly by the books alone? ~ Oh Ha Ra
4. Your passion is hotter than oil ~ Old Man Bbeong
5. To be a fair match to a clever con artist like yourself, I must always be prepared ~ Oh Ha Ra
6. Everything changes but nothing changes ~ Sa Do Chan
7. People only see what they want to see ~Sa Do Chan
8. Truth shall set you free. However, it shall annoy you like crazy ~Sa Do Chan
9. You may ask me a thousand times, but I won’t tell you the truth ~Sa Do Chan
10. One thing is certain now, that your sight is set on something much farther away. Let’s go there together for now ~Oh Ha Ra
11. People are bound to pay attention to what they’re curious about. People will look at the things they are curious abut. ~Oh Ha Ra

1. Who were the masked people who saved Sa Do Chan when he was cornered by the syndicate?
– Currently thinking of the Old Man Bbeong
2. What’s the meaning behind Geum Tae-Woong’s “favorite” painting? I wonder if Jo Sung Doo is his son? 🙂
3. What’s the relationship of Director Bong and Sa Do Chan?
4. Not sure If there’s a meaning behind Yang Ji-Soong’s donating money for three tiles?
5. Did Geum Tae-Woong/ Manager Kim/ Jo Sung Doo planned another set up to trap “Baek Joon Soo” by letting him go to the address on where Jo Sung Doo is located?

Sharing also some of the screenshots I have taken for all eels to enjoy especially Mama Jez J
Reference Link:

*Special Thanks to: Priya_indianeel for the moral support J
Again, thank you ECI for this once in a lifetime and wonderful experience 🙂
Happy to be part of Jang Keun Suk Forever Site and ECI Team 🙂 à Zikzin!

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