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WARNING: If you haven’t watched this episode, please be aware of spoiler from reading this article. If you do not want to see, please do not click the link “Read rest of this entry”. We welcome all the comments and please share your thoughts too about ‘Switch’. Thanks.
Author: Newbie_Eel from ECI
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I want you to close your eyes.
I will start counting.
In three.
Breathe in.
Breathe out

You didn’t close your eyes and just continued to read this.
Ok then…

Now, I want you to remember what happened last Wednesday episodes.
What part did you love most?
Were you shocked by the fast-paced events that had happened?
Were you one of those who said, “I knew it.”?
Or were you the one who said, “Seriously? I didn’t see that coming!”
Were you shocked that there is a possibility that we will not see Baek Joon Soo anymore? (Hi Priya! Don’t cry please)
For me, I wasn’t shocked by the events that happened. I was shocked that an hour has passed by in a blink of an eye.

What are your thoughts? Feel free to write your comments below.
Ok. I am done with my Recap!


Tik Tok Tik Tok.
I can clearly hear the ticking sound of the clock’s second hand.
I can hear the gust of air coming from the air conditioner, and then, a rumbled sound came somewhere!
Aha! It is just my empty stomach.
I looked at the clock hanging on the wall and it reads 1655 GST. I closed my eyes again, and booooom, I remembered something.
“What????? Is the time correct?”
I searched for my phone but it is already off.
I stared at the wall clock again to double or triple check the time.
It is indeed 1655 GST
I immediately went downstairs to get my laptop and switched it on. (Please click the video)



And the saga continues…
Episode 8 left us all smiling after seeing the successful operation of Baek Joon Soo or should I say Sa Do Chan and O Ha Ra. (I bet you were like me during the last few minutes of the episode. “Oh nuts! Is it a failed operation again?” *Face Palm*)

Since the operation has been broadcasted live, there are numerous reporters waiting in front of the prosecutor’s office. Everyone wants to be the first to ask questions to Diplomat Choi Sang Hyun, Prosecutor O Ha-Ra, and Baek Joon Soo. Sa Do-Chan.
The whole crew arrives in front of the Prosecutor’s Office with the suspect and all eyes and cameras are on them.
A successful operation indeed!
Former Prime Minister Choi Jung Pil is furious to the turn of events. The once smooth sailing “business” is now in jeopardy. Geum Tae Woong, who serves as one of his loyal men assured him that everything will be okay since the detained diplomat never had the chance to talk to them but only to Hwang Bum Do. Choi Jung Pil orders Geum Tae Woong to make a move, either to silence the detained diplomat or kill him.
Back in the Prosecution Office, the suspect did not say a word after hours of interrogation. He clearly knows his rights.
(“You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you.”-Miranda Rights)
As Choi Sang Hyun’s interrogation process continues, another investigation is on-going at the other side of the room.

As the two drinks their coffee, O Ha Ra questions Sa Do Chan how on earth he knows that the drugs are inside the Moai Statue. The quick-witted Sa Do Chan explains that it is simply an intuition but O Ha Ra does not believe him. She insistently asks Sa Do Chan where did he get the information and Sa Do Chan exclaimed “What if we didn’t find the drugs? You would have been fired?” With this response, O Ha Ra keeps mum and did not say a word.

Working outside the radar of O Ha Ra, Sa Do Chan visits Feel Gallery, Modern Art to meet Geum Tae Woong. He thanks him because the first time he visited the place, he saw a broken moai statue being wheeled out of the museum. An alert Geum Tae Woong understands what SDC is trying to imply so he immediately calls his staff and directs to bring the documents pertaining to the item.
#WhatsOnMyMind: I really love it when JKS speaks in different language other than Korean. I think he can really claim his right to remain silent in five different languages.. lol!

Baek Joon Soo, along with the whole country, watches the breaking news. He heaved a sigh of relief after hearing the news.
Ha Ra wants Baek Joon Soo to be back in shape and work again. She picks up Baek Joon Soo’s doctor and while driving she asks his doctor to make Baek Joon Soo better, as quickly as possible.

The doctor arrives at Baek Joon Soo’s room and checks him. He informs him that Ha Ra scolded him because he is not getting better.
“Your engine is completely fried”, he utters pointing to his chest where the heart is.
Baek Joon Soo asks the doctor not tell anyone about his ailment.
#WhatsOnMyMind: Every time I look at Baek Joon Soo, I can feel the sadness and pain in his eyes. I like how they speak metaphorically (i.e. engine and heart). I can feel the sadness and pain in Baek Joon Soo’s eyes. Did I just mention it again? Lol

The Duo- Sa Do Chan and O Ha Ra are inside their superior’s office while waiting for their punishment. O Ha Ra mentions that it is either suspension or termination. With his eyes wide open, Sa Do Chan asks if he will not be able to start his law practice. O Ha Ra knows that it is a joke and asks him how he can joke during this stressful time. Sa Do Chan tells her that he was just trying to calm her down.
Their superior arrives with slumped shoulders and informed the duo that the prosecutor general instructed to form a special team and it will be led by Baek Joon Soo. Sa Do Chan jokingly asks if he will receive higher pay.
Sa Do Chan and O Ha Ra talk to Baek Joon Soo and inform him about the newly formed team. Sa Do Chan says that he is used to attention but working with other detectives and prosecutors, he might get caught. Gathering his strength to speak, Baek Joon Soo utters that Sa Do Chan is more capable to do the job.

On the first day of work, the team transferred to a new office and to O Ha Ra’s surprise, they will be teaming up with Gil Dae Ro.
Sa Do Chan arrives and instructed everyone their assigned tasks such as contacting banks, FUI, and FinCen. On his earlobe is a tiny earpiece where he can hear the voice of the real Baek Joon Soo, giving him all the information he needed to convey to the team.
The team was able to uncover some important information including a secret account under Choi Sang Hyun’s name in the BAHAMAS.
#WhatsOnMyMind: One of Sa Do Chan’s charms— he always try to make cute O Ha Ra to calm down and relax. But I bet, if JKS tells this line to you, “Your heart is beating too fast and I am just trying to calm you down.”, you will never calm down. Your heart will beat faster and faster until you need an oxygen mask to breathe (or a clean brown bag will do).

The kettle corn vendor has been informed by a man who always wears black that Baek Joon Soo has discovered the account in the Bahamas. After the man left, he sits on his chair and says that he will end up competing against Baek Joon Soo.
#WhatsOnMyMind: Who is this guy? Is he really Baek Joon Soo’s father? How about Sa Do Chan’s dad? What are his motives? Is he also after the drugs? I really don’t know the answer. :/

While O Ha Ra is working, she plays with her pendant and Gil Dae Ro saw her. He asks her if she bought it or if someone gave it to her. O Ha Ra simply replies that she has taken it to someone and it is one and only. Gil Dae Ro answers back saying that it is stealing and O Ha Ra says that the owner will not report her so don’t worry. After hearing those words, an eavesdropping Sa Do Chan stares at the necklace.

OHR visits Baek Joon Soo after work. She talks about the team’s progress. She is thankful that even if Baek Joon is just sitting at home, without him and his strategy, they will not be able to catch the bad guys.
Baek Joon Soo, being the righteous man reminds O Ha Ra that after the case is completed, they must pay for their crimes. With this, O Ha Ra reminds him too that not all crimes are the same, all crimes carry different weight, and as the scale of justice represents, to judge fairly whose crimes are heavier.
After hearing those words, Baek Joon Soo smiles.
#WhatsOnMyMind: As I look into Sa Do Chan’s reaction, I can smell jealousy!!!! Hahahaha…
And I think I am beginning to like Baek Joon Soo. (insert evil laugh). He is morally upright. Such a guy will never break your fragile heart (too bad he is sick and dying. Again, Priya, Don’t cry.)

*Saturn (Cronus) Devouring his Son- The Foreshadowing
Jo Sung Do decides to sell the drugs and goes on his own. His team goes to Hongdae and tries to sell the drugs there and were nearly caught by the authority.

At Feel Gallery and Museum, a pack of visitors is touring around the art exhibits and stop in front of Flemish artist Peter Paul Rubens’ Saturn Devouring His Son painting. Geum Tae Woong explains to them who the painting is and how he rose to the highest rank to rule the world. He explains that Cronus devours his sons to protect his power.
As Geum Tae Woong continues to explain, Mr. Kim arrives and whispers to him that Jo Sung Do tried to secretly sell the drugs he had.
He goes back to the pack of guests and tells them that power does not permit a gap and power cannot be shared even with a father and son.
#WhatsOnMyMind: I think this scene gives us a hint of Jung and GTW’s relationship. Is he a bastard of GTW?

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction

Location: Dong Young Mills
Upon learning the damages Jo Sung Do has done, he and his team are called to face the result of their action.
Hwang Bum Do informs Geum Tae Woong of Jo Sung Do’s action that made them hotter in the eyes of the authority. Jo Sung Do tries to explain his side but to no avail.

Enraged Geum Tae Woong instructs Hwang Bum Do to teach Jo Sung Do a lesson that he will never forget and left the place.
A regretful and scared to death Jo Sung Do calls Geum Tae Woong asking for help and forgiveness but Geum Tae Woong leaves without looking back.

Aboard a car, an almost beaten to death man is transferred to a room by three men in black. Gathering all his strength, Jo Sung Do screams at the top of his lungs to catch the attention of the people outside.
The room where he is being kept, is locked and situated in a basement of an abandoned motel and no one can hear his screams.
#WhatsOnMyMind: This scene gives me another proof of Geum Tae Woong and Jo Sung Do’s relationship. He can just order the smart ass guy to be killed but he did not. I am excited to learn more about their relationship.

While driving, O Ha Ra talks to her sunbae, Baek Joon Soo. A serious, monotone Bake Joon Soo wants to know the real motive of con man Sa Do Chan and why he agreed to become Baek Joon Soo. Hearing this, she assures him that they will catch the bad guys soon and if Sa Do Chan tricks them again, she will definitely kill him.

Holding his bow and arrow, former Prime Minister Choi Jung Pil levered himself to proper stance and released the arrow. He guffaws as soon as he hit the bulls-eye. While playing, District Prosecutor Jung Do Young and Geum Tae Woong arrive. Choi Jung Pil explains how the word target has been derived. After explaining, he hands the bow to Jung Do Young and asks him to try. As Jung Do Young positions himself, the Choi Jung Pil instructs him to aim higher which Jung Do Young followed without any questions. After changing his position, again, Choi Jung Pil instructs him to aim higher again and Jung Do Young tells the prime minister that the target is much lower. The prime Minister answers with a much puzzling words. And, he uttered, “Don’t you want to join Namsan Club?”

Inside the investigation room, Choi Sang Hyun is still tight-lipped after hours and hours of questioning. An attorney arrives and conveys him a message.
The whole team gathers inside the investigation room after the detective called them. The former diplomat is now ready to spill the beans and to the team’s surprise, he reveals that the president instructed him to transport the drugs.

Without the knowledge of the team, Gil Dae Ro runs to the press room and leaks it to them. The press people release the news to the whole nation. An enraged O Ha Ra and relaxed Sa Do Chan confront Gil Dae Ro inside the district prosecutor’s office. She mentions that the accusation against the president is groundless and needs further investigation. To their dismay, the district prosecutor dismisses them from the case.
The news had spread throughout the nation like wildfire. Seated in his wheel chair, Baek Joon Soo has been clenching his fist upon hearing the news. The former prime minister, on the other hand, sits on the floor with a self-satisfied smile while drinking his hot tea.
#WhatsOnMyMind: Sa Do Chan tried to relax O Ha Ra again!! OH MY Sa Do Chan!!! Maybe O Ha Ra is too tense because of your hotness (Hahahahahaha)

*Geum Tae Woong’s GAME PLAN
Inside Geum Tae Woong’s office, Mr. Kim informs him what is currently in the news. He informs him that the district prosecutor announced that he will investigate disregarding the status and position of the individual. Geum Tae Woong, carefully laid his book on the table and orders Kim to sit down.

Searching for answers, he asks Kim how he thinks of the district prosecutor. Kim gives information related to the district prosecutor’s family and educational background. In reply, Geum Tae Woong responds that he likes the district prosecutor, despite his years of experience, his sense of justice is moderate and is not scared to bend the rules.
And he continues, “He is the perfect puppet. Namsan Club will prepare the stage, hang strings, and put on a puppet show. However, in the end, I will be the one holding the strings. I will have him wrapped around my fingers. Eventually, I will turn this world, into a place I have complete control over into my playground.”
#WhatsOnMyMind: Good Job, Geum Tae Woong! He has his own agenda and he is one hell of power hungry man. He wants to rule the whole world just like Cronus. Hmmmm, Mr. Kim is one of the mysterious characters in this drama. Do you also feel the same way? I feel like he is secretly leaking information to other parties. Maybe he is a spy from the government? *Sigh*

Since the President is now a suspect, a special prosecutor has been assigned to investigate and take over the case that O Ha Ra and Sa Do Chan started. A special prosecutor is a civilian lawyer that will investigate and prosecute. As prosecutors are public servant, they are reluctant to investigate the president. All the files from Sa Do Chan’s team will be handed over to the new special prosecutor.
At the Prosecutor’s Office, low spirited O Ha Ra and Sa Do Chan visit their now empty office.

Jung Do Young arrives at the Namsan Club secret place and they welcome him with excitement. Choi Jung Pil tells everyone that they will make Jung Do Young king and everyone agrees. He mentions that the special prosecutor is also under their power. Jung Do Young innocently says that an emergency presidential election may be possible. Delighted, Choi Jung Pil asks Jung Do Young if it is possible and Jung Do Young answers YES.

With a devilish smile on his face, Choi Jung Pil continues, “Politicians doesn’t rely on justice. A politician doesn’t rely on justice. They rely on illusion. If you say you’ll give them a good life, people will love the other way even if you have flaws. That’s how people who have lived through a war are like.” And to end his speech, he asks Jung Do Young if he understands and Jung Do Young responds, “You are wise.”

After the Namsan Club meeting, Geum Tae Woong invites Jung Do Young to have one more drink which Jung Do Youn agrees. Geum Tae Woong congratulates Jung Do Young for his success debut and tells him that if he needs connections and funds, he will supply them to him. As a respond, Jung Do Young says that they have met as prosecutor and detective. Geum Tae Woong responds “In exchange, don’t forget what happened in Incheon six years ago. Don’t get me wrong, I am a businessman, so it’s just insurance.”
#WhatsOnMyMind: I don’t know what Jung Do Young thinks actually. Looking at his facial expressions, he seems clueless of what is happening. Is he like that because of his ambitions? Is he really clueless? Or more of scared? The members of this club are rich, manipulative people and sad to say, they seem like puppets of Choi Jung Pil. What are their agendas? What actually happened 6 years ago between Geum Tae Woong and Jung Do Young.

*Viktor Jang- Who?
While Choi Jung Pil is on his way home, his secretary informs him that Viktor Jang has arrived in Korea. Choi Jung Pil is happy to hear the news and tells his secretary not to tell Geum Tae Woong.
#WhatsOnMyMind: What is the role of this person? Is he also a leader of a drug cartel? Hmmmm, another interesting character.

At their office, Sa Do Chan and the team watch on the news the former Diplomat, as he boards the bus that will transport him to the special prosecutor’s office for questioning. A dismay Sa Do Chan decides to leave the office and play chess.
As Sa Do Chan and Geum Tae Woong are playing chess at the latter’s office, on the road, the Ministry of Justice bus where the former diplomat is met an accident.

Sa Do Chan receives a sms, “Your order has been delivered.” And as if waiting for something, he directs his eyes on Geum Tae Woong’s phone. Geum Tae Woong tells him that it is his turn and while he is moving one of his chess pieces, Geum Tae Woong phone rings. After the phone call, Sa Do Chan asks Geum Tae Woong if something is wrong. Geum Tae Woong says that there is an accident while transporting an item.

At prosecutor’s office, O Ha Ra immediately leaves the office after learning about the car accident.
Meanwhile, Hwang Bum Do is in the Banpo Tennis Club’s President 60th Birthday Party. After he gives the speech or message to the president of the club, he receives a call from an unknown number.

And it is from……………………

Prisoner 214.. The Diplomat.

Choi Sang Hyun informs Hwang Bum Do that he has reached his destination and hesitantly, Hwang Bum Do informs him that he is not following him and he doesn’t know Choi Sang Hyun.

Still playing chess with Geum Tae Woong, Sa Do Chan receives a call from Mr. Bong. Mr Bong says to take the package he has ordered. Sa Do Chan asks where he should go and Mr Bong responds, “ Marriot Hotel in Banpo.”
Sa Do Chan tells Geum Tae Woong that he has to leave to pick up a package. After Sa Do Chan leaves the office, Geum Tae Woong calls Mr. Kim and asks him what happened to the former diplomat.

Sa Do Chan arrives at the hotel and asks his crew where he will go. The crew cannot give the exact location and then, “Birthday. I heard a birthday song.”
O Hara is inside the truck too with Sa Do Chan’s team.
Sa Do Chan carefully examines the message board and found what he is looking for. With this, he exclaimed, “Good Job, Ms. Oh. You are sharp.”

As Sa Do Chan enters the birthday party, he tells the crew to contact the number which Choi Sang Hyun called a while back. Scanning the place and looking for the man they are looking for, he hears someone talking to his phone and mentioning Choi Sang Hyun’s name.
Slowly, Sa Do Chan looks at the man as he pass in front of him and he informs his team, “I found Grizzly.”
#WhatsOnMyMind: At last they have found Grizzly and he is cute and adorable.

Oh Sorry. I am talking about a different Grizzly.

This is the Grizzly that they have been looking for. Is he really the Grizzly who killed Sa Do Chan’s father? If yes, he gained weight after all those years.

Inside the deserted Diplomat Bags Narcotic Team, O Ha Ra and Sa Do Chan could not believe what had just happened.

Sa Do Chan, who has a soft heart is about to comfort O Ha Ra by touching her shoulder, to ease the pain she is currently experiencing, but a firm O Ha Ra says, don’t.
A shocked SDC asks her what does she mean and with her voice one octave higher than usual she tells him not to do any switch or set up things. That if they release diplomat, he will definitely call his master. But she says that it is illegal to do such thing.
“I am a prosecutor, so I can’t do such thing even if it is a possible solution”, then she walks out of the room.

Sa Do Chan left inside the room, with a self-satisfied smile says that O Ha Ra has become a con artist and he wonders if she learned it from him.

The set up
Mr. Bong impersonates a priest and leaves a hopeful message to the diplomat through a Thai bible. As the diplomat is being transported to the special prosecutor’s office, In Tae takes care of the traffic lights timing and a professional truck driver will crush the car. As the diplomat goes out the crashed bus, Mr. Bong unlocks his handcuffs and points him to a car. Intentionally, the car’s fuel is low for him not to go too far.
Inside the car, a handy phone is left with the note, “Call when you arrive at the intersection in Sadang.”
Eun Ji, the muse of the team, rides a motorcycle and follows the diplomat closely.
As the diplomat reaches the intersection, he calls his ‘master’ but he didn’t get the answer that he needs. As if the universe is making fun of him, his vehicle runs out of fuel and he doesn’t have a choice but to walk. Before he moves out, he removes his upper prison uniform and step out of the car.
Unknown to the diplomat’s knowledge, he is being followed by a beautiful chic.
Eun Ji, as instructed by Mr Bong hits the diplomat’s head with her helmet. But hitting his head alone didn’t do him any harm, so, Eun Ji decides to hit his crotch and his head for the second time. With this, the diplomat lost his consciousness.
#WhatsOnMyMind: So why did they give the diplomat a Thai Bible? Aha! O Ha Ra is a bad ass!!!

Writer’s Note: I am glad you were able to reach this part. It is either you read my recap or you just got bored and scroll down to this part. Nevertheless, I am happy that you visited this site and had the time to read even just this note. And to those who read it from the beginning to this part, Thank You. Arigato. Gomawoyo. Salamat. Shukraan.

I honestly don’t know how I will start this Fan account for these episodes. I never wrote a review, or recap, or summary or anything else. And this is my first time. (P.s. This is not a recap. This is me, trying to preserve every moment of the episodes. Hahahahaha)

I never liked JKS because of his looks. I kid you not. I didn’t notice him until almost half of YAB. For me, his face is my second priority, an extra point should I say.(But he is hot! Even with beer belly!!!) JKS, in my opinion, is like a drug. After digging information about him, I want to know him more. From article to another article, from blog to another blog, from PinInterest to Instagram. I am the type of person who reads comments first before reading the main article, and sometimes, through these comments, I can catch new and interesting things. (Paging Mama Cri, I have a question for you! x)

Oh Yeah!!! I love him. I love him not because of his face, but because of his personality, of who he is. I have told my friends that I want to drink with him and maybe a stick of cigarette will do while talking to him about life. He is a man of substance, so I guess I can learn a lot from him. The probability for this to happen is 0.000000000001% but c’mon, dreaming is sooooooo damn free!!! Calling Jang Keun Suk!!! Let’s have fun!!!! (Insert evil laugh)


I honestly want to enumerate all the things that I like about him, but, nah, I will not do that. It might take days for you to read it (hahahahah! )

I think every one of us has a story to tell on how JKS has inspired us, in one way or the other. Whatever the reason is, we are under the same sky (Oh, that’s his favorite line!) Whatever the reason is, we are united to a single goal, it is to support him no matter what. As written on ECI’s banner, “WE EELS ARE ALWAYS WITH YOU(HIM)”

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

And this is Newbie_Eel_NotSoNewbieANYMORE signing off.

At last!

The End!

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