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April 8, 2018 in Drama / Movies / TV, Fan Account by tenshi_akuma (Japan)

WARNING: If you haven’t watched this episode, please be aware of spoiler from reading this article. If you do not want to see, please do not click the link “Read rest of this entry”. We welcome all the comments and please share your thoughts too about ‘Switch’. Thanks.
Author: priya_indianeel from ECI
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After 32 months of my faneeling & 30 months of following my fav blog (a place which helped me absorb lots of my over flowing emotions for Suk from the start of my eelship career till now), I finally got a chance to write my first ever FA here for my one & only love.. waahh.. I really feel it as an honour & so pressured with so many good writer eels around.. It’s really like a dream, so thanks to Tenshi Sis for giving a chance..

Although I wanted to write to keep it as a beautiful memory for SWITCH but I really feel this would have been much better by other eel sis.. Specially doing justice to the ending of this fantastic ep makes me much more nervous than even writing my exams.. T_T (All must be knowing what am I hinting to.. haha..) Hope all can tolerate me till end.. 🙂

**Switch EP 5-6 (The person who can say I AM WHO I AM)**

**Episode 5**
The episode starts with a group of masked men coming to save our Sa Do Chan (impersonating our handsome prosecutor Prince Baek Joon Soo) who is kidnapped when he disguised as an indie band guitarist to catch those drug smugglers. There is no idea from where these people come to save our Prince from danger. They release a gas which makes it easy to fight with the thugs remaining unidentified by anyone there. One man from the group puts a mask on our Prince who was lying on ground after being hit hard by the thugs.. (Poor Prince.. but thanks to God they saved him 🙂 )
Suddenly that saviour man is attacked by a thug & we see his prosthetic hand falling on ground. OMG!! This drama turns exciting at each and every turn. Our Prince lying unconscious there finds everything strange too.
Viewers are left with lots of questions for who are these people? Are they here for Baek Joon Soo or Sa Do Chan? We have to be too patient for so many stories to unfold in future.. Loving the suspense in Switch!!

Then we find the demon man Geum Tae Woong (who tried two brutal attacks on BJS but failed hehe..) busy in making a painting. His right hand comes with a man who helped them kidnap Sa Do Chan.. When he asks the demon man for some money, he sweetly says ‘yes’ to him but instructs his right hand to kill him right away.. Waaaahh what a ‘SWITCH’!!! That man’s blood even ruins his painting.
(Along with our Prince there are really great actors working here. The demon man does it so well with his expressions and all.. So scary face..)

Then we see our Hero (who looks soooo handsome even as a patient) surrounded by his team members. All are worried for the attack on him. Although he says he is completely fine, they insist him to stop impersonating BJS anymore.

I love SDC’s gang.. They love our Suk so much, just like we do, his staff and managers do in real life.. He is a dear BOSS everywhere.. hihi.. <3 <3 (And that pretty girl Eun Ji in his gang.. I love her a lot.. Someone calling my “oppa” as “oppa” so sweetly, caring for him makes me feel closer to her.. kkkkk 😉 )

A furious & tensed Oh Ha Ra who was unaware of Sa Do Chan’s plan to catch the smugglers enters & yells at him. Sa Do Chan tries to explain his kind heart that he just wants to catch those thugs in his own way since going through law is a long & impossible way to reach them. Still Oh Ha Ra screams at him but gets a little softer seeing his wound.. (Ahh I love this girl.. Han Ye Ri has got a good character & she excels the role..)

Geum Tae Woong comes to know from his right hand that someone having a prosthetic hand is trying to protect our Baek Joon Soo.

Meanwhile Sa Do Chan explains Ha Ra that the attack on him was a pre-planned trap. The thugs who know him as Joon Soo used the pregnant lady as a bait to trap him. Now Sa Do Chan puts lots of questions on Ha Ra whether real Joon Soo’s accident is also an attack & asks her to protect informer Nam Seung Tae too. But he comes to know Nam Seung Tae was found dead. The atmosphere becomes so tensed. Sa Do Chan gets furious over Ha Ra for dragging him into such a dangerous job.

Sa Do Chan wants to know what they are investigating & tells her that he will admit all truth before media since Ha Ra is not ready to explain everything to him.
(Sukkie is so great here.. Actually he acts great always haha.. His facial expressions changes at every moment.. Got to watch a new side of cute Do Chan!!)

Then Ha Ra explains its all about ‘drugs’!! Not just a simple drug ring but there are big names involved who are more powerful than prosecutors and diplomats. They use diplomatic bags which are not checked by immigration to smuggle drugs into the country. The money from selling drugs are used to buy illegal weapons. And Nam Seung Tae had a proof regarding the drug lord “Grizzly”..

“Grizzly”- this name stuns Do Chan too & later we find Do Chan is also searching the same person “Grizzly” whom Baek Joon Soo wants. This man tried to kill Do Chan’s father & young Do Chan even was a witness to that incident which haunts him every night. Now Do Chan needs to act as Joon Soo to reach that man who turned his life upside down..
(Poor Sa Do Chan must have gone through a lot. Witnessing his father’s death, then not being able to achieve his long persued dream of being a prosecutor.. There are again so many querries.. But it’s a good thing that BJS & SDC have something in common to look on & may be there is a chance for both JKS to work together in future.. huhu..)

The other day Ha Ra is sad coz there is no Joon Soo or Do Chan with her. And then a sweet manly voice asks her “Whom do you miss more?”
Haha look at his face.. I wish I were Oh Ha Ra!!

Both starts to have a funny conversation & their chemistry always rocks whenever together.

Sa Do Chan tells he is the only witness to that attack on him, he wants to find who wanted to kill him & he is here to help Ha Ra.. (Of course Prince scams her again here.. hehe..) Meanwhile it shows a flashback where Do Chan discusses a plan with his team to grab the money from the drug sellers. Do Chan seems to allure his team for sake of money and act as Joon Soo to catch “Grizzly”.
Here he tries to pursue Ha Ra with his sweet talks telling her that he will protect her in such a dangerous job!! (waahh even his lies are so sweet.. <3 haha) Ha Ra (who is a perfect match for our handsome con-artist) has a good reply & I loved this scene.
Haha Prince, she is a strong girl.. (I again wish to be Oh Ha Ra here.. omggg!! I would pretend to be in danger always for my Prince to protect me everytime.. lol..)

Finally they shake hands for the case & this time without any force they united for their goals and they are both so cute playing the scene. Here comes a prickly man Gil Dae Ro who taunts Ha Ra & uri oppa (whom he thinks as reserved & upright handsome prosecutor Joon Soo) & spills some really harsh words while he asks them whether they are going to attend the alumni meeting or not.
Although both of them listens to that so called ‘sunbae’ peacefully but soon after he turns, Ha Ra vents all her anger on him with our Prince sharing his wide knowledge on such types of people. Finally both of them find something to agree upon & here we can see the growing bond of friendship between them. (ahhh his looks for Ha Ra!! & what a rocking chemistry everytime they have..)

Now when Prince wants to continue his act as prosecutor, there Geum Tae Woong’s right hand doubts the man currently acting as Joon Soo is a fake one. This makes the demon man really tensed and he meets someone to clear his doubts. That ‘someone’ really shocks me. He is none other than district prosecutor Jung Do Young. (Everyone is corrupt)

Sa Do Chan and Ha Ra teams up while investigating the place where he got kidnapped but they find no clues. Hence they go back to office where the sketch of the kidnapper has been unvieled. In the midst of their discussion, Ko Gi Bong comes with tea but something seems fishy and yes it is. Ko Gi Bong doubts the man currently present as Joon Soo (who is our witty Do Chan) is not the real one since he finds a huge change in his personality. (all thanks to great acting skills of our Suk!! 😉 ) So he takes Prince’s finger prints on the tea cup for test.
After this we find Do Chan soooooo busy solving puzzle haha.. A tensed Ha Ra enters knowing that their plan will get spoiled after the finger prints test. Genius con-artist Sa Do Chan too gets little worried. He is so worried for his identity to be disclosed that he only cares for his beloved computer hahahaha (where he spends all his precious time solving puzzles) to be left behind in the office where as a sad Ha Ra cleans up her things with a heavy heart since she knows this is the end of her job.

Mr. Ko enters and we viewers who are actually biting nails for what’s gonna happen now are left with a shock when the reports say the finger prints are a 99.99% match!! OMG!!
Soooo it seems our genius ‘Keun Chan’ a.k.a ‘Do Chan’ prepared for this earlier.. waahh.. And this time his expressions towards Ha Ra must have pierced thousand arrows to eels’ hearts.. <3 How can he be sooo cute everytime!! Ruling our hearts is so easy for him.. aaaah I wanna take him home.. T_T (Sa Do Chan’s character fits him perfect.. He is just showing his real self.. sooo adorable Do Chan!!) 12

Ha Ra takes a sigh relief after they are saved & Do Chan explains her how his team managed to do a copy of Joon Soo’s fingerprints. He proudly boasts his wit to be nothing against all the cons he has done so far. Happy with Do Chan’s help, Ha Ra invites him to lunch & here we witness a very very beautiful scene of this ep. <3
Ha Ra chooses so many food for Prince & puts rapid fire questions..
1. How did you know Mr. Ko would suspect you?
2. How did you know he would take your finger prints from the cup?
3. Actually when did you start running cons?
4. Were you just a natural?
5. Where are you from?
6. What about your parents?
7. Do you have siblings?
8. How many cons did you run?
9. How do you never get caught?

Poor prince, how can he answer so many questions & eat so many food she chose haha..
Then Ha Ra asks her final question: “What is your secret to becoming such a successful con artist?” which leaves Do Chan with many past thoughts. The looks in his eyes, his silence likely says everything, still he cannot bring his words to describe everything to Ha Ra. Our always smiling Oppa seems to have lots of hidden pain in his heart which I believe, he will open to only Ha Ra someday soon. The music played here, the camera movements, a perfect chemistry & above all Prince’s billion dollar expressions & that gaze makes this few mins of friendly interaction between the leads who were earlier engaged in making deals with each other, the most stellar one & eels including me must have watched it a number of times till now. <3

To her question, Do Chan can only say: “Well this is the power of early education” and continues giving those looks to her which can melt any girl’s heart straightaway.. Ahhh I fell in love again with Suk here.. Isn’t this a too beautiful scene to watch again and again?

At the same time we see Ha Ra’s mother meeting a man selling kettle corn who easily flatters her with his wits and he is none other than the man whom Sa Do Chan sees in his nightmares (his father). Waah this drama has so many twists!!

Geum Tae Woong and his Boss, the real mastermind of this illegal smuggling again start talking about killing Baek Joon Soo.. Ahhhh don’t they have any other job? How can they be so fierce to such a sweet & handsome man!!

Here we also find someone taking pics of the demon man and all his activities secretely. Geum Tae Woong has some conversations with his men from which it seems he is having higher evil goals to achieve lots of money & power to control the world.

**Episode 6**
Here we enter episode 6 where Ha Ra comes to visit the real Joon Soo who is still lying unconscious. (Ohh my eely heart!! Can’t see him like this. :'( )

Ha Ra complains waiting for so long for him & now when he is back to Seoul, he lies like this. She looks so sad & here we see a flashback of 1 year before where we see a healthy & handsome Joon Soo.. 🙂
OMG Is this the same JKS who acted Sa Do Chan? I can’t believe my own eyes!! A complete SWITCH of his character, talking style, looks & gaze.. that only Suk can do!!

Joon Soo was preparing to leave Seoul & Ha Ra wanted to join her but he (with such a deep, angelic & sweet voice) advised to do her best here without him & allowed to keep the ‘lady justice’ with her. She promised to return it to him when he returns Seoul.

When Joon Soo was leaving, Ha Ra promised that she would continue the investigation he was working on him & would catch those jerks who caused his transfer. A quiet & just Joon Soo left without telling a word.

Ha Ra returns back to present & tells Joon Soo how she ended up working with a con artist looking exactly like him & threatens him that she will continue working with Sa Do Chan and he will loose his job if he doesn’t return back to his senses soon. Ha Ra was full of emotions, respect & love for his only friend lying in such a state in front of her. This was another show stealing scene with that BGM playing and I cry everytime watching the scene!! (Oh my Joon Soo Oppa!!)

After Ha Ra leaves we see little movement of Joon Soo’s fingers.. (OMG my eely heart got some hopes then & I admit till then I think I have fallen deeply for my Joon Soo Oppa although loving Sa Do Chan crazily for so many days!! This was actually strange for me. He was the same JKS whom I have been loving for nearly 3 yrs now but watching Baek Joon Soo, I got those goosebumps, those feelings of first love what I experienced meeting him for the first time in my life as ‘Tae Kyung’ in ‘You Are Beautiful’.. no idea what really happened to me & I m still in a subconscious mind for Joon Soo!! Doesn’t the credit go to his exceptional & natural acting skills? Ohhh Sukkie, plz help me..)

Back to the episode, we see a funny moment among Do Chan’s team members 🙂 where Do Chan suddenly comes with a new plan for his next target Cha Myung Soo, a diplomat who is involved in drug deals.
The plot where the team tries to trap this diplomat is so funny.. haha..

Now we come to see Woo Jae Shik who now doubts if the present Joon Soo is real or fake asks Gil Dae Ro to look out for Baek Joon Soo.

Sa Do Chan invites Mr. Ko for soju. He praises Mr. Ko for his dedication to duty for which he even went to check the finger prints of his senior to know whether he is the real Joon Soo or not and calls him ‘hyung’ which makes him so emotional since he has never been treated in such a friendly way before. Since Mr. Ko was so touched, in return Do Chan asks him a favour to look into a suicide case of Sa Ma Chun which happened in May 5, 1998.. Ahh here again comes a question who is Sa Ma Chun? He must be SDC’s father & Do Chan knows that was not a suicide.

Do Chan while returning stops near a shop & thinks about his young days where he helped his father (who was a con artist too) in scamming people. But his father seems to be a kind man (just like our Oppa) & child Sa Do Chan promised him then that he wouldn’t like to be a con-artist like him in future and would rather become a prosecutor.. (so that’s the childhood dream of poor Do Chan..)

After this we see a sweet scene between Ha Ra and her loving mother. 🙂

The other day Gil Dae Ro gets ready to go out of town & he even says he will prepare a present for Jung Do Young’s Birthday this evening but Sa Do Chan notices his car no. (Something smells fishy..)
And meanwhile Geum Tae Woong’s men start searching for Joon So in nearby hospitals. OMG..

The officials start to arrive for Jung Do Young’s Birthday celebration and after that Sa Do Chan enters. But what we see, his walking style has changed, he enters quietly with his head bowed down but he doesn’t the notice the man standing outside with Gil Dae Ro.. (What.. is he the present Gil Dae Ro was talking about earlier?)

After some time Gil Dae Ro interrupts the celebration and tells about his present. And in front of all the staffs, he accused directly that the man sitting here is not the real Baek Joon Soo. He even brings the man inside who is Joon Soo’s childhood friend. omo..

It is impossible for Sa Do Chan to recognise him which makes Oh Ha Ra and their Chief tense a lot. All of them enter into a big argument. Sa Do Chan is asked to show the scar on his back which Joon Soo and his friend got in childhood when they were playing & a fire broke out. Sa Do Chan urges not to show it here in front of so many people but at the end the district prosecutor Jung Do Young himself asks him to show the scar to all. And finally Sa Do Chan agrees!!

OMG what’s going on. How can Sa Do Chan have that scar which only Joon Soo has? But he stands up so confidently and starts unbuttoning his shirt to show the scar..
So does it mean he is the real Joon Soo or Do Chan has again prepared a backup plan for this new threat. And look at Prince’s expressions, they have completely changed.. He looks so different from Sa Do Chan. May be he must be acting like Joon Soo or is he the real Joon Soo?? (The drama turns super exciting now..)

At the same time those gangsters are doing a frantic search on Joon soo’s location. With all these tensed situations, with threats on both Joon Soo & Do Chan, we eels get to watch a historic moment of Switch, something which is the hottest topic in internet now.. haha..

Waah we eels must have played this scene so many times that I think JKS himself will come out of the screen and plead us not to play it anymore haha.. XD

This is the most shocking point of the ep which left so many unanswered questions for next eps..
We eels must be having such expressions like this on our face, right? In a fraction of seconds I bet all memories of JKS showing his perfect figure in Team H parties, Daegil showing his creamy fair body in Jackpot.. etc etc.. must have flushed our dirty minds!! 😀 Even look at the scar.. It also looks so beautiful & may be it’s bcoz we see it on our Prince’s back 😉

I can’t go into details anymore.. haha..

My thoughts:
I think I have already included a lot of thoughts in my recap. Since this was my first time,I was really clueless what to write, where to begin, how to write & ended up writing a long recap. Sorry friends..
But at the end I will say I love this man 😀 for making us witness an unforgettable epic scene 😉

And so proud of Suk for gifting such a fantastic drama to us. No doubt with a thrilling plot, music and amazing actors & script, SWITCH will also be one of the best Korean Dramas in history just like all his previous works. Just like Suk said in press conference, it really seems like a movie. And above all the drama has taken real time problems of Corruption, Drug addicts & funding of illegal weapons to talk on which is prevailing everywhere & there is an urgent need to ‘change the world’ to make it a better place for some innocent people who are hurt for no reason.

I am super excited to know what’s gonna happen now in next ep. Did they really SWITCH their places? Has my Joon Soo Oppa really come back to his senses? What will happen if a love triangle builds in future between BJS-OHR-SDC?? (My eely heart can’t see any one of them heart broken!! T_T)

Thank you all for patient reading. <3 [END]

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