4 thoughts on “Thoughts on ‘Switch ~Change the world~’ Episode 3-4”

  1. Thanks Nikki! In these episodes, Sa Do Chan had to transform himself into Beak Joon Soo, not just as his occupation, a procecutor, but with his personality. It was really hard for him as he doesn’t know Beak Joon Soo well. Just a hint of his tone of voice etc didn’t work well.., but I think it’s really true. Just their resembled appearance is not enough to make people convinced. But I’m sure he will do better and better when each episode goes on. And we glimpses his another side when he takes with that kid. And the last part of episode 4… what happened to him?? Both Sa Do Chan and Beak Joon Soo survive anyway, but it’s very heart aching to see such seances that JKS is in danger. I really want to see happier scenes more. Let’s wait and see 😉

  2. There were so many memorable moments in this ep.. Do Chan n team going so happily to Maldives, Do Chan making mistakes in office.. waah so cute..

    JKS listening to the card beeping soun.. I rewatched it so many times. That beautiful scene of Oh Ha Ra looking at Do Chan as Joon Soo & Prince giving those cute faces.. omg.. Will always be a memory & the part where Ha Ra’s sister interrupts in the middle, I can hardly control my laugh hahaha.. Prince n Han Ye Ri are having a great chemistry.. So much hooked with the drama. <3

    Thanks Nikki sis for the recap & all the best for your future with your daughter.

  3. thanks Nikki, even you are crazily busy you still managed to write a FA..even we love him so much but watching and writing are two very different things..
    I thank you for your contribution out of love for our AP..


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