11 thoughts on “Thoughts on ‘Switch ~Change the world~’ Episode 1-2”

  1. Thanks again Mamacri (Maria) for your perfect introduction on episode1-2. I think this is one of the longest reviews, which shows how much we eels were looking forward to this drama! And once I start reading, I don’t feel the length at all. Very interesting as ‘Switch’ is! Can’t wait to Suk’s incredible switch more!

    • Sorry, got carried away 🙂 …and had to lock in some of the amazing stills.. I’m sure he will be “switching” a lot more from what I understand…he did masterly..

  2. Great recap and thanks for the recap. Anyway I think the the scene where Sa Do Chan throw the ID of Beak Joon Soo into the fire and then his mind was wondering back to the day he discover that there is another person who look exactly like him a year ago (flashback ‘pilot’ scene). It was brilliant to show that Sa Do Chan was aware of Baek Joon Soo existent and that he couldn’t imagine after 1 year he will be using this knowledge to do a con job.

    I also think the spinning of the sheriff badge is his trade mark when he thinking or planning. Even if we know he’s not keen on being a prosecutor because of his past disappointment we know that he’s keen on justice, that justice is not only for the rich and powerful but for ordinary people too.

  3. Hi everyone, thx to Mamacri for her nice article, it’s looks like I watch the episodes all over again , so clearly discribed , good job . The best sentence I like from your article is “ My heart will never Switch for Jang Keun Suk !,!❤️❤️❤️ We Eels have the same feelings as you ❤️❤️❤️Have a good days

  4. Thank you Mamacri! A really great review! 🙂 It happened a lot already in the first 2 episodes.
    Everything happens fast, so many unexpected twists.

    Love that Switch have a bright atmosphere. I’ve watched the part when Sa Do Chan enters the prosecutor office so many times 😀 – that «James Bond music» when he scans everything around him, the way he talks with the bad guys, and expressions on his face when he meets Oh Hara for the first time kkkk…. He is so amazing!♥

  5. Thank you Mamacri! Reading your review puts a smile on my face as I recapped the various funny moments 🙂 indeed just the first 2 episodes are already filled with so much “action” – not the literal action but we see the many unexpected twist and switch! And of coz JkS has done a great job to clearly distinguish the 2 characters SDC and BJS, such that it leaves a clear impression with the viewers the 2 distinctively different persons

  6. Sis those cute fingers showing one, two, three waaahh.. I saved them haha.. thanks..

    Yes the scene of Joon Soo’s accident.. That was filmed so well. I never expected another truck coming from no where will hit him.. N our eely hearts.. How just can we see our joon soo lying unconscious.. :”(
    Sa Do Chan’s expressions, when he said “are they never going to return?”, his facial expressions suddenly switched.. Such a fantastic plot Switch has, twists n turns at every moment.. So many questions to b answered in coming eps.. wow..

    So happy Suk gifted a great drama to us again..
    Always love reading your comments n posts sis.. Thanks for the recap.. I felt like rewatching it again.. 🙂

    • We saw such a nice scene filmed abt the accident n our poor suk shot it for 3 hrs underwater in so low temp.. This will always b a memory for us..

  7. I’m finally catching up with the first two episodes and thoroughly enjoyed reading your summary and thoughts Mamacri! Everything you say about our boy is true… and I have to say that my heart also beat faster for the wonderful entrance of Oh Ha Ra as she put that knife-wielding ahjussi in his place with words and actions! So happy that JKS has such a strong female lead to spark with!

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