[2018-03-13] CRI-J twitter

[Jang Keun Suk’s reassuring supporters! Eels’ Switch support event] For today’s lunch, food truck (Ginseng chicken soup; Samgyetang) was supported by ‘LEZGO.kr’!~ Actor Jang and the filming crew~ Enjoy eating samgyetang and keep working hard~!
[장근석의 든든한 빽! 장어들의 스위치 응원 이벤트] 오늘 점심은 밥차(인삼 삼계탕)를 ‘레즈고.kr’에서 서포트하였습니다!~ 장배우님과 촬영스텝 여러분 ~ 기가막힌 삼계탕 드시고 힘내세요~!

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