[2017-12-31] Tree-J twitter

Thank you throughout the year of 2017!
In 2018, you’ll be with the membership diary that includes Actor Jang’s handwritten words!
The cover was actually drawn by Actor Jang himself!
The diary will be delivered in January : )
To all of eels,
we wish you a happy New Year!


2017년도 감사했습니다!

2018년은 장배우의 손글씨가 들어간
멤버십 다이어리와 함께 해요!

표지는 장배우가 직접 그린 그림!
다이어리는 1월 중 발송됩니다 : )

장어 여러분 모두모두
새해 복 많이 받으세요!

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