[ENG-SUB] JKS’s promoting the film ‘Soulmate’

Credit: Credit: 追根碩緣 – 張根碩台灣鰻魚後援會 Jang Keun Suk 장근석 FanClub in Taiwan

Here is our Actor Jang promoting the film Soulmate. This movie is quite famous for its Chinese romantic style in Chinese-speaking societies. The director Derek Tsang is from HK. It stars Zhou Dongyu and Sandra Ma. The two actresses won the best actresses in Golden Horse Award held in Taiwan. It was nominated for almost 12 awards in HK as well. Soul Mate is based on the novel of the same name by Anni Baobei. The plot was the two friends believed they were unseparable and their bond would last for the rest of their lives, but the cruelty of youth eventually led them to separate paths. Even more shocking is the discovery of a long buried secret so that they struggled for their friendships.

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