[fan-cam] 2017 JKS Birthday Sharing Photo Exhibition

Credit: chika8004h

Credit: hyukun

Credit: yasumit222

Credit: yopi

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2 thoughts on “[fan-cam] 2017 JKS Birthday Sharing Photo Exhibition

  1. Hi morning, what a successful photos exhibition ! Even though I haven’t been to any of this event but I can feel the meanings of it, and the hard works of the teams doing this and the Love to JKS .All the photos are very nice and the setup was superb, just like JKS said by looking at these photos ” you’ll see how I’ve spent this year ” Good works Ladies ! ❤️❤️Hope some day I can go to Korea to attend this meaningful events and celebrate his birthday ❤️❤️Byebye everyeels ,have a nice weekend

  2. He is perfect ! At any angles, so photogenic his smile is so sweet and genuine , keep smiling ,please you have all the supports from your eels ,Zikzin Prince ,Byebye have a good day

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