[2017-09-02] Tree-J twitter

Sharing photo exhibition with Actor Jang!
Have fun to seeing, looking for messages Actor Jang left here and there!

장배우도 함께 본 나눔사진전!
구석구석 장배우가 남긴 메세지를
찾아보며 즐겁게 관람하세요!

170902 cri-present 1day

Actor Jang glowed with eels’ passionate cheers!

Give applause to Actor Jang who is a stunning beauty!
Thanks for eels who also helped to compensate for the loss of MC!

Cri-Present is a present for each other!

image: He’s burned out to go blank

170902 cri-present 1day

장어의 열렬한 응원에
장배우가 불타올랐어요!

미모 열일한 장배우에게 박수를!
MC의 빈자리를 함께 채워준
장어님들도 수고하셨습니다!

크리 프레젠트는
서로가 주는 선물이네요!


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