[Video] Okabero_20170826 (non-subbed)

Credit: jkskorisu

「おかべろ」 from jkskorisu on Vimeo.

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8 thoughts on “[Video] Okabero_20170826 (non-subbed)

  1. Morning, even though I don’t understand Japanese, but I think our JKS speak fluently , there is no language barrier in Japan, for JKS ,by looking at the show we can understand the show must be very interesting. The way JKS smile and laugh make us happy for him. Please forever teams English sub please, but take your time ,we eels can wait better late than never ,no rush at all .We just enjoy anything about our Prince ❤️❤️Thx so much in advance ,Byebye everyeel

  2. Yes. Love is no barrier. In fact , I had ten years no review the Japanese. But because I like oppa very much so I retake Japanese and Korea that I can know what he say. In the video, he brings his body guard who is Japanese and famous take care many celebrities .. in the video, he say he likes Korean girl than Japanese girl because Korean more straightforward and enthusiastic..if a boy approach her,they will give response and answer at once..they will always call the boyfriend with screen phone that can see what her boyfriend do and where.so their boyfriend can not take lie or make two girls at the same time..but if boys approach the Japanese girl. they need to wait their answer and phone call back for several hours or several day..Jks says as he cannot wait so long as he will feel panic and uncomfortable for this long waiting. Japanese girls also not always call the boyfriend frequently and no video phone talk. So boys can tell tie if they have two girls at once.. oppa let us know more different culture of two place.he also mention that the artist in Japan s agent manager only work for official hours.but in Korea ,all agent manager need to work 24 hours .so oppa say his manager know his many secrets.he will very nice to him…dear teresakwokys, if u in urgent,u can see eng sub of this video by seraching the website.. I also see this eng sub by another website…of course..my loves website is this website (jangkuensukforever) and thank ms tenshi so effort to do many things for oppa and our eels. Love all Jks eels..fighting

  3. Thx dear Belle for your help and informations, I’ve watched the whole program again and understand the whole show .JKS is really good smart in answering all the questions . Really enjoy watching him in anything . Byebye all JKS eels

  4. Morning, thx Priya, I have just watched the whole show again, never tired of watching all JKS shows , ocx with the Eng sub !! Thx again all JKS eels for helping each other out, have a good weekend ❤️❤️

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