[Pics] JKS in Okabero TV

Original source: Cinema Today


Original source: @okabero_ktv Twitter

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7 thoughts on “[Pics] JKS in Okabero TV

  1. Is he still in Japan ? Promoting his new album ? When will he return home ? No news about him lately ! Miss him a lot !

  2. It seems like he is very happy during his stay in Japan , be happy our Prince ,your happiness is all we concerned , you are what you are just do the thing you like and enjoy your life . And well prepared for your future Zikzin JKS !!❤️❤️❤️

  3. Hi Priya,morning, thx for your response, you truly JKS loyal fans ,how you got his news so updated? Monday I am going to pick up his new album ,I like the new song Voyage , so anxious to hear the rest of the new songs , and see the making of the songs DVD . Oh btw for your informations my brother in law is Indian . Byebye have a good weekend

      • Thanks for your comment sis. I am really devoted to JKS haha.. I don’t even watch anything except his shows.. hehe..
        Now I have also started an fb page for him since Jan 2017 🙂

        But eels in Twitter, FB, IG are soooo loyal to him.. They collect & share so many infos so quickly. This must very hard for them for keeping us updated along with their personal & love life. I also find it very difficult with my busy work.. lots of love for such eels & our Prince’s encyclopedia- “jksforever” 🙂

  4. May be he is in Hawaii having his summer vacation , now ,. . his ideal place for holiday , sunshine and the beautiful beaches. Please enjoy your private time with your friends I only guessing , hahaha!! but really hope he can have a break after all his busy schedules.

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