[ENG-SUB] ‘Voyage’ MV full

English translation:Cri Lin
Timing: Pei
Video Credit : Gyao Japan

Voyage MV english sub from Pei Pei on Vimeo.

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11 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] ‘Voyage’ MV full”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing and also translate this video … I really loved it!!! I was thrilled because this song is so beautiful!!! Truly he got to express himself very well in this lyrics!!! I’ve heard him say that who love must show how feel … He always is sincere and also so lovely that’s why I love him so much!!!

  2. I have repeatedly watched the whole video, the two sentences I like most are ‘ Loving someone has nothing to be ashamed of ” and “I will not disappointed you for choosing me ” It was so touching .We eels love you has nothing to be ashamed of and you won’t disappointed us. Your sweet smiles in the video are so sweet. Our Prince please keep smiling no matter ups and down. Remember you have all your fans to support you. I am waiting for my Cd of Voyage that I have ordered and I dint know how many times I’m going to listen to such beautiful songs ,hahaha .All the success and good luck

  3. Same here.. It’s on repeat mode in my playlist.. Even now too i m watching the video n writing the comment.. 🙂 Really love the music, his divine voice and on the top the lyrics and the theme..
    He wrote his heart out soooo beautifully.. love each n every word of the lyrics and big thanx to the team for the subtitles.. <3 <3
    "I will never regret you to choose me"- waaaahhh!!! We never regret.. haha..
    This love story will go on forever.. All those preparations he was doing during his concerts, and the final kiss, everything is the real life..

    The story is mine too and every eel in this world.. He is my energy, my inspiration and thats what he showed us here.. How much talented u r my Prince?
    Very Very proud and happy that he understands us sooo clearly..

    How can we b ashamed to say those words, sukkie? WE LOOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEEE YOU!!!!

  4. Thx sis Cri Lin for the English translations . It means a lot for understanding the whole song. It’s very touching of the lyrics and the way our JKS sings and the though when he is making this songs . We will sure always support you . Zikzin Prince . , and you won’t disappointed us your fans for choosing you !! ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Hi there I received his new album yesterday, repeatedly listen to all the songs ,some of them I already have ,I cannot tell which one I like most ! I ❤️❤️????????only like to listen to his beautiful voice but what a pity really don’t understand the meaning of the songs , only know the title song “Voyage ” bcx sis Tenshi already give us the Eng translations which meant a lot ,thx so much . The DVD of the making is also very entertaining . JKS ! You are handsome all the time! We are looking forward to your new projects . Hope to hear it soon bye Cri have a good day

  6. I’ve bought the CD of Voyage disc A 喜, I listen several times the whole CD already, besides the title song ‘Voyage ‘ I like most is the list No. 8 started the word 君…….something ,that one suits his voice so much, full of emotions, can this one be translated in English too? ? Please JKS forever teams ! Would be much appreciated ❤️❤️❤️Thx in advance


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