[article] Jang Keun Suk’s firm resolution “I never ever make you regret”

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A Korean actor Jang Keun Suk (30) will release his 4th album ‘Voyage’ on August 9th. The title song that he wrote the lyrics by himself to express his appreciation to fans is a bouncy summer song. He debuted as a child model when he was 5 years old. That means this year will be the 25th anniversary. He was interviewed by our Nikkan Sports lately, and talked about his resolution on entertainment activities and his desire to appear in Japanese dramas and movies.

“I tried to express what I want to tell each eel (JKS calls his fans eels) directly in the lyrics. That is ‘I will never ever make you regret choosing me, Jang Keun Suk’.” Keun Suk explained so why he chose the title ‘Voyage’ for the new album. He always keep smiling when he is interviewed, but when he talked about it, he emphasized his words with a serious look.

He held fan meetings in Fukuoka this April. When he saw the ocean from the window of his hotel room, he found big messages from fans on the sands such as “I love JKS” and “Jang Keun Suk, fighting!” At that moment, his soul was shaken by gratitude to fans. “I wondered if I’m ok to be given such big love by fans. Thinking how to give it back to fans, I wrote up the lyrics in 5 minutes.” He shared the behind stories of how the new song was born.

As an actor, he has drawn people’s attention as he played the leading role in movie “The time of humans” directed by Kim Ki Duk who is well-known as a unique leader of Korean movie industry. It’s a sensational movie that asks the limits of ethics and emotions and describes the roots of humans. “Most of works I have appeared in were something romantic so far. I wanted to break down a wall as an actor.” He revealed the reason why he decided to appear the film. In addition, he played the first bed scene in it. “I personally enjoyed it, but it would be hard for my eels to see the scene…”

He’ll be 30 years old on August 4th. We asked him to look back on his various activities such as a model that he stared when he was just 5 years old, an actor and a singer. He showed confidence about a quarter of a century of his career. “This is my divine vocation. I can’t imagine that I’m working for a different job.”

A bossy character in Korean drama ‘You’re Beautiful’ broadcast in 2009 made him very popular in Japan. And he’s been supported by more fans even now. “I want to learn Japanese more, and appear in Japanese dramas and movies. I’m confident about acting.”

With his favorite food ‘eel’ and his eels (fans) support, he’s become more energetic. He promised us to be more active in both countries, Japan and Korea.

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  1. Morning everyone, thx so much sis Tenshi for the translations . As usual JKs ‘s speech is always so touching and sincere Zikzin our Prince you care so much about your eels ,that’s why you have all the supports from your eels from all over the world ❤️❤️Love you always

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