[News] Finished filming Kim Kiduk’s movie ‘Time of Humans’

Original source: KOARI.net
English translation: tenshi_akuma

Director Kim Kiduk’s new movie ‘Time of Humans’ finished filming successfully.

On July 3rd, Kim Kiduk film released the news and a group photo of Director Kim Kiduk and co-stars taken on the last filming day.

This is the third time that they officially announced the movie ‘Time of Hunans’ finished filming.

The storyline of Movie ‘Time of Humans’ is people of various age and career travel together on a warship, and in such a limited area of the warship, human’s various desires beyond their morals and ethics can be seen.

Actor Jang Keun Suk, Ahn Ji Hye, Ahn Sung Ki, Fujii Mina, Ryoo Seung Bum and Lee Sung Jae appear on the film. Kim Kiduk film starts to edit the footages to release it in public.

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