[Video] Showbiz Korea _ JANG Keun-suk(장근석) _ Q & A


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11 thoughts on “[Video] Showbiz Korea _ JANG Keun-suk(장근석) _ Q & A

  1. Will someone please help me.

    Since I discovered this gem, I became soooooo addicted that I cant get ‘it’ out of my system. Am I still normal?

    He isn’t perfect but his imperfection makes me want to know him more.

    I stumbled upon PSY and JKS’ series last October 2016 (sorry. I’m quite a late bloomer. How I wish I have known him earlier). Since then, I’ve read tons of articles about him. These articles contained good news and of course,a ton of not-so-good news. But these bad news didn’t bother me at all.

    I love reading/watching his interviews.He speaks eloquently. He often use metaphors to explain things. He is frank but in a good way. and, he has this deep manly voice that makes you gaga. But,regardless of his voice and looks, I love his personality to bits… 😀

    And now, it became my daily routine to check this site and IG for any new info regarding this gem..

    To the people who are continuously and untiringly translating and posting updates about him, thank you so much. I(we) really appreciate it. a lot… 😀

    so, again, my question is, “Am i still normal?”

  2. To Newbie_Eel: Don’t worry about being “normal”. We all have fallen under our Prince’s spell and let me tell you it is a wonderful feeling. He is not your cookie-cutter kind of an artist; he is indeed a true gem who has gained the admiration, respect and love of all his fans by showing his true self; no false pretenses. So, enjoy!

  3. JKS looks good on a lot of hair styles but I have been wanting to ask, “What’s up with the bandanas?” I noticed that lately, he is always wearing a bandana.

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