[Video-2] JKS message for 2017 Lotte Hotel fan meeting

January 28, 2017 in Video by tenshi_akuma (Japan)

Original source: http://entame.knt.co.jp/2017/jangkeunsuk/
Credit: chika8004h
English translation: tenshi_akuma

Hello everyone, I’m Jang Keun Suk. I heard many people are coming to Busan as well as Seoul this round. Personally I love Busan. I wish I would have delicious food and make happy memories in Busan with you. I’m waiting for your arrival in Seoul, so I hope you to enjoy Busan to your heart’s content and come to Seoul. I’m looking forward to seeing you. Everyone, I think it must be a bit tough for you, but I hope you to keep supporting and following me from now on. Thank you.

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