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  1. Dear Cri Lin,

    My head bow to you for your endurance, devotion and love for one star, whom seems appearing in faraway land.

    Thank you so very much for sharing your fan-girling experiences and wonderful journey with us. You are such a GREAT story-teller. This is such a wonderful story. Yeap…I indeed finish reading this long wonderful FanAccount till the end. In fact, I read this long FanAccount so slowly (some paragraphs I even re-read them) because I don’t want to miss any things.

  2. Cri Lin, you are such a wonderful writer. In one FanAccount, you take me to Two beautiful countries and wonderful memorable events of our beloved star. Reading your FanAccount account, I feel like I read a short novel, main characters are EELs and JKS. I feel like I walk the journey and experience the events with you from start to finish, with happy ending. I laugh and smile to myself at certain things you wrote. I cried {literally tears falling} certain parts of the story. I’m so touched when witnessing EELs show unconditional love for JKS. Yess….it’s unconditional love for anyone to go to a long distance, flying across countries, oceans, with just such thoughts “just to be there to support..one body counts”…awww…Even knowing you might not get a chance to see your star, near or far, you still go to stand and cheer for him. That is unconditional love. Love without asking anything back in return, love just to do things for that person, and just to see that person lives successful happy life.

    Cri Lin, thank you so very much for sharing your stories.

    • Cri Lin, One more thing I need to tell you. I love all the Videos you made. I want to Thanks YOU for producing them. Very much appreciate your hard work.

      • Kailey, the videos are from mahdiyeh nikookalam our Iranian sister living in Korea 🙂 She is a passionate eel who will be at the airport as often as she can and film to share with all eels 🙂

    • I am glad that you find the Fan Account enjoyable. My original plan was to document the events of those few days with as much detail as I can remember so that years down the line I’d be able to re-read it and relive those days. I’m happy that I am able to share some of the warmth and kindness I have received from those great people I have met(as well as from that special someone) with people who wish they were there but couldn’t. I am relieved that people don’t find the running commentaries too boring.

      It is so kind of you to say that you liked the videos I’ve made, I often wondered if the contents are too weird or if people get my warped sense of humour. Thank you.

  3. Hi,all eels,I have read Cri Lin FA twice, it was so touching and just like we had attended the celemoney ourself. To my understanding I don’t think there is any other fan club like JKS fan club . The Cri J staff s are so considerate and caring about all eels Thx to Cri Lin for her hardwork and FA . I ‘ve one request can anyone translate the speech when he meet his Ellis outside the venue after midnight ,much appreciated Thx Byebye have a good weekend

  4. Cri Lin, thank you doesn’t seem to be enough for such a vivid FA, which made us feel all the emotions as if we had been there with you!

  5. Cri Lin Sis!! Can I hug u right now??

    Sis couldn’t read ur FA earlier for work and it’s 1:00 am now here.. Still I’m not a bit tired to read a long love letter written by u.. Just like what Kailey sis said If the world wants to witness true love there is no better option than Suk n Eels.. I can’t even imagine how u and the other eels have endured the bitter cold, how come u gather such strength, so much patience to cheer up for our Prince.. This is completely selfless love.. For the past so many years eels have been spending the most precious things of one’s life- love, time and money.. There can never b a fandom like EELS.. I bet..
    Hat’s off to CRI-J staff too.. They endured so much to take care of other eels n they r ready to do again n again in future too.. Such fans really exist?? I m so amazed.. Waaaahh I m crying now sis..
    How come a single man tie all of us alone?? His actions fully describe how much he cares for his fans, he realises every pain that his eels go through for him.. if not he would have never sent hot coffee for all his loved ones..
    In the red carpet too he slowed down his car deliberately n showed up to everyone.. His giving kisses, looking straight to eels’ eyes walking down slowly to spend more time with eels everything is so natural n that one moment must b giving strength to all Daebak eels like u..
    I was so touched to hear how he showed up to his eels during PON live.. He loves eels..
    After the star studded night all went away but has anyone thought of spending that splendid night with fans?? But he did it.. Suk n Eels started the first day of the year together. It was so late night then still so many eels appeared..
    Our Prince has gone through a lot but when the eels roared jks jks during the show, that must b the greatest gift for him..

    This love will remain for ages.. for sure..

    Lots of love to u sis for sharing all ur bitter sweet experiences with us..
    It needs endless love in heart to do all these..❤❤

    I m really very very fortunate to have met Jks in life.. n much more fortunate to have met eels like u all..❤

    • As the saying goes: “Birds of a feather will flock together” … maybe it’s that special person who emanates so much kindness and warmth that attract the same kind of people around him and then pass that energy on to the rest of us.

      I’m sincerely grateful to have had the opportunity to attend those events, and I hope my words were able to depict some of the generosity and ardor I have experienced during those events.

      I wish, even years later, I’d be able to remember these days, as vividly as I do now. I too, feel fortunate having come across such a wonderful being ♡

  6. Thanks Cri Lin for sharing your fantastic FA.. no eel’s FA is too long..
    I knew you had a fantastic trip but didn’t know it was THIS fantastic..
    You saw him up close so many times!!! and you deserved all that.
    Standing in that cold for almost a whole day!! I wonder what time you went to bed…but such a old year/new year celebration it was an unique experience… I’m so happy you got all this and got the chance to thank the Cri-J crew..they have worked really hard, sacrificing family time to do all this for eels and eel master.
    Thanks also for tips for the waiting game especially in the winter!!, folding chair..food and thermos, space blanket, normal blanket, hot packs and shoes with thick soles!!!

    • lol … I vaguely remember it was around 3 by the time I got back to the hotel. It was at least 5am when I finally got ready for bed … and yes I was trying to see how other people manage to travel light and stay warm, I’ve learnt quite a few things on this trip (^0^)

  7. Hi Cri Lin!

    I enjoyed reading your FA so much. As a new eel, I am inspired by your dedication and unabashed love for our star. Great work and truly inspiring! I am secretly wishing I’ll have the same experience someday and meet eels like you.

    • I’m glad that my experiences can be a source of inspiration to others, this is much more than what I had anticipated.

      As long as our star continues to shine, we’ll eventually have the opportunity to see him live and also meet with our fellow eels. The longer you wait for something, the more you appreciate when you get it, because … anything worth having, is worth waiting for(^^)

  8. Wow!you’re experience to see prince was amazing.I celebrate new year watching him live at the internet.and I’m already happy.I feel like I celebrate my new year with him.but,you,you really did celebrate you’re new year with him.since you see him live.congrats,I can feel your happiness reading you’re fa.


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