[Video] JKS won the Top Excellence Award (Long Running) Male on 2016 SBS Drama Awards

January 1, 2017 in Drama / Movies / TV, Video by tenshi_akuma (Japan)

Our Jagn Keun Suk won 2 awards on SBS Drama Awards. One is the Top Excellence Award (Long Running) Male, and the other is the Top 10 Star Award. Really happy to witness the moment and so proud of being his eel. He deserves it!!! Congratulations! 😀

*JKS’ thank you speech for the Top Excellence Award (Long Running) Male
English translation: Hazy Lee from ECI

“I am not sure if i am worthy of this award, there are many good actors who were nominated in this category too, being nominated together with senior Choi Min Soo is already something amazing for me. I have never thought I would win this award. Really thank you so much for presenting this award to me.
There were many moments in 2016 where I felt vexed, kept thinking how I could improve my acting, and if my world views and values are right, thinking about creating a world that belongs to me. While I was going through that, I chance upon Daebak, it gave me the direction that I wanted to take and the answer as to why I wanted to act.
The directors who filmed with me, initially said he would come to the swamp with me but he never did come right in, even the snake I had to eat it alive. When Jingoo received his award he did not mention about me. Jingoo ah, thank you too.
I received this award after 7 years, my fans all know it, I will truly treasure this trophy.”

SBS SAF drama award 2016 – Top Excellence Award for Serial Drama 2016 – JKS

*JKS’ thank you speech for the Top 10 Star Award
English translation: Evelyn Tan from ECI
“All thanks to my fans for not leaving me that I can get the award. When I was invited to be emcee, I was thinking if I will be able to get one award, now that I got this Top10 award, I want to be emcee again next year! Now I’m missing my cat the most as she’s alone at home, I miss my dad and mum too.”

SBS SAF Drama Award 2016 – Top 10 Stars Award – JKS

Other 10 Stars

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