[Fan Account] Lee’s very intense fan account for 2016 TEAM H PARTY Tokyo Yoyogi 2 days

December 24, 2016 in Fan Account, Photos, Team H, Video by tenshi_akuma (Japan)

Finally we could see in person, Lee! I was happy that you got a great seat and experienced your fave performance of TEAM H ‘Last Resort’ in day 1. Reading your exciting and blissful FA made my body hotter even it happened a couple days ago! Haha! Thank you!

Credit: Lee Greene (a.k.a akiko) from ECI and U.S.A
Photo credit: Frau International

My very intense fan account for Tokyo Yoyogi Fan Account Night 1…. OK, here is my fan account.

December 15, 2016 and December 16, 2016, Team H Yoyogi Gymnasium – Tokyo.
So I had great seats – kkk and basically, my GPS location by Satellite on Night 1 was in 7th heaven. In a nutshell, as I told someone in chat as soon as I got home, I had lost my hearing from being so close, I had lost my voice from screaming so much, and I had pretty much lost my mind from the moment he came on stage. Some people will say that I lost my mind much much earlier – such as – from the moment I discovered him, but that is a given. kkkk.

The show started…and the heavy curtain that said Team H dropped from the ceiling revealing Jang Keun Suk dressed all in white, white top, jacket, white jeans. His hair was in tight corn rows braided with silver and his pigtailed hair came out in interesting angles from his head. Unfortunately – his beautiful forehead was covered with a red bandana. Sigh. He looks very beautiful without anything covering his forehead. He wore a white top with fringes that covered down to his upper thighs. That needs to be remedied. A man this beautiful should not have to wear so many clothes (IMHO).
Side note: This man is beautiful in white, but that fringey white top that is weighted down so that it “does not float up”– hmmmm ..Kkkkk (this little observation was provided by another eel – thank you – you know who!… Well… you can see the pic of him in that top.

But in reality, the clothes and his hair did not matter to me, because I could see his very very beautiful face and his ridiculously fine features. He was so happy, so excited and his energy was just “jumping” and streaming out. He was fully “on” tonight!! He has a beautiful smile, and he was smiling in full force that night. People talk about being slammed with the charisma of a person, or the charisma that follows a person…well, seeing Sukkie this close – and I want to use his full name – Jang Keun Suk, because his persona is so large that it precedes him when he walks out. He throws his aura/chi out and – yes – I was totally flattened by his overwhelming energy. This man is dynamite. His physical presence is ..for lack of a better word…like fireworks exploding overhead – or in my situation…like the fireworks was exploding in my head…on seeing him in person…

Whew..and I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet…of Night 1…

The concert started with a dynamic intro – My Story, then Save Me and segued into Raining on the Dance Floor. All this time, I was surrounded by very active and involved eels and the 2 tall and slim eels in front of me dressed in lime green, repeatedly jumped straight up into the air with each of the songs while holding up both of their arms (with the Keunsagi penlights on each arm). Since I was behind them, I had to jump as high as they did – to be able to see him – (I had very sore legs the next day kkk).

My clothes that day was conservative and comfortable. Both of my wrists had the Keunsagi Pen Lights. I am glad I was dressed for comfort. I needed it – to be able to jump continuously for 2.5 hours of the concert!!

So he had now moved to being directly in front of me – at absolute dead center – of the main stage extension and… and then he did something I would never have believed…he sang “LAST RESORT”, my introduction song to Jang Keun Suk, specifically the 2013.05.24 performance of it in the Team H – DVD I just Wanna Have Fun. One of my top 5 favorite songs of Team H.

Many people know I fell in love with JKS through PeiPei’s video remake of “Last Resort”.

Fanmade – Last Resort JKS 投稿者 lppei5
Although the part where he walks out with the towel covering his face and his hands moving downish kkkk – was actually “Give Me the Rhythm” and the audio was “Last Resort”. The fan video that she made -was a highly hot version of “Last Resort” kkkk (thank you PeiPei).

I bought the “I Just Wanna Have Fun” DVD for “Last Resort”. To me – the whole DVD was centered around the theme of this song – “Don’t give up, don’t give a F***, Don’t give up Baby” as if he was exhorting a despairing friend.

I think my joy/happiness shot through the roof when I heard the strident and insistent Synth and bass introduction chords of “Last Resort”…and the new lyrics version by Team H – has changed this originally sad song to one of hope and support for a friend. The despairing chorus is saying:
Chorus says: “Suffocation!”
JKS answers: “No way Babe”
Chorus says: “This is the last resort!”
JKS answers: “Don’t give up, don’t give a F***, Don’t give up Baby”.

Then he orders us – “Clap your hands” and “Jump” and we proceed to do so. We can’t help but do so because we are all as high as he is. The 2 eels in front of me – dressed in Lime Green..jumped even higher..and I – behind them – jumped as much as they did to keep up with him (and see over their leaping heads) kkkk.

During this song – Last Resort – His face is so beautiful when he gets lost in his excitement. It almost seems so intensely private when he closes his eyes, drops his head back because he is so spent from the energy/joy/cathartic release of this song…I saw this clearly when he was doing Last Resort – being only feet away – directly in front of him. I almost felt very briefly as if I was intruding on to some private aspect of him…that he could be free on night 1 due to it not being recorded for dvd or show. He spent himself on this song. He gave it his all. I felt so privileged.

Another eel and I chatted at length over this song…e.g. the original meaning, how the lyrics were changed but the powerful melody was kept. Under Team H’s hands….this song became an anthem for life in spite of circumstances. I realized the inherent power of this song when I noticed that my right hand was in a fist punching the air above me (just like he was) with the incongruously cute and adorable Keunsagi penlights flashing on both my wrists – kkkk – how’s that for dichotomy???

The picture below is from the 2013.05.24 I Just Wanna Have Fun DVD – see his double fists? Yes – the song is THIS powerful.
Unfortunately, I do not have a pic that I can use from this night’s performance so this older picture will have to do. See those double fists???
This one picture captures the high happy energy that was evident on that concert day 3 years ago – during this song –Last Resort… (This Team H DVD – I play almost daily…OK – I now have been outed as a full-on Team H fan..kkkk). I never knew the full meaning of this song all this time… until another eel told me about the original version just yesterday. I was in shock. Now that I know what the original song was about, and how Team H changed it to an affirmation of life…I love the song even more if possible. Those who do not know JKS may think this song represents him. NOT at all. This song was originally from 2013 official DVD release.

That other eel and I was thinking that this song would likely not be included in the digest (we hope to be proven wrong) due to the use of certain cuss words – unfortunately. I realized then, that many of the things that happen in an actual concert is NOT included in the DVD, kkkk which actually means you need to go to as many as possible. And each concert is totally different. kkk. This is how he makes sure you go to the concert. Just as he said “You will regret it if you do not go to Osaka” and then proceeded to be his most beautiful self in Osaka night one…kkkk (my opinion).

Just when I was still reeling from this experience…kkkk….even Sukkie seemed a little spent after this song kkk…Team H started My Paradise…one of the sweetest songs on the Team H Monologue CD album. I LOVE Monologue songs.

He went through a number of songs – all of us leaping high in the air continuously with our hands with index fingers pointing to the sky. He had changed his clothes this time… to blue jeans and I have forgotten what he wore on top….and 2 of my favorite songs from the album –“Wowow” and “I Feel You” started.

I have to say something – this is so funny. Ok, so during a portion of this song “I Feel You” (which is my favorite song on the Monologue album) kkkk, Sukkie and 3 other male dancers sit on chairs with their legs wide open (like how guys normally sit when they’re relaxed or wearing too tight pants kkk – except in this situation, their upper torsos were in a taut upright posture)… my question is…does anyone know…what the chairs exactly have to do with the song? And for that matter…does anyone care? Kkkk, I love how he sat that way…in most of his concerts on dvd/bluray that I have seen, he sits with his legs crossed in a modest, formal sort of way. I was thrilled, very much, to see him sit like guys usually do. Liked it a lot. He’s so male when he sits like this. I really like his masculine energy.

Then the other song that I loved so much was….”Last Christmas”. This was done to an accompaniment of an acoustic guitar, and he sang the song so gently….”Last Christmas, I gave you my heart, the very next day, you gave it away…This year, I’m saving my tears (? – he was mumbling here) and give it to someone special”…and he repeated the chorus. I love this song and to hear him sing it so gently and tenderly……sigh. This was night 1. I did not get all the words during the acoustic interlude when he introduced the singer, and I don’t remember which night he said what, but I liked the gentle tenderness and an almost solemn quietness when he sang Last Christmas on Night 1.
On Night 2, BB sang White Christmas and then JKS sang Last Christmas…On night 2, Sukkie was saying something like they sang it last night, and it had a positive response (?), so was going to sing it again…they hadn’t practiced White Christmas…and there was a lot of hilarity, so the mood was not fully as tender and sweet as Night 1.

Another song that really touched me – I think it was night 2…As Time Goes By (?) – can’t remember which it was exactly, but he placed his left hand by the side of his neck, and sang Falsetto…Oh – this gorgeous love song, sung by this gorgeous beautiful man “as time goes by…you’re the answer I’m flying high..as time goes by” ….Melt. Seriously.

Oh…I was coming across some peely posts..and I do want to mention that when Sukkie was 30 feet high in the air or so, directly above me on the escalating stage, I can clearly say, I think he has totally lost his tummy!! I mean, that area…looked flat. Hmmm….is he developing chocolate abs since he is hanging around men who workout seriously?
Again, to me – I was in great company…I am so fortunate to have met the friends that I came with, and then to meet up with other eels. We were again in rooms next to each other in the hotel…kkk…everyone around us – except us -were walking around in towel like clothes…sheesh – I finally ditched my own pjs and slept in their towel-like-PJ-top (and no – it was not a nemaki)!!

There was some major excitement for me when I decided to play with the temperature controls at 3:30 am because it was so hot, and unable to decipher exactly what was going on – I watched in growing horror as the room became warmer and warmer instead of colder and colder!!! I then hastily changed from my hotel-provided-towel-like-PJs into day clothes and ran off to the concierge downstairs and he fixed the temp to something more reasonable kkk and I – finally – went back to sleep. Kkkk – my life is full of excitement…kkkkk.

This time, we had more of a relaxed time and so was able to meet up with a whole group of eels at an Okonomiyaki shop and I finally met some really great eels that I had only chatted with online, but not seen in person. It was very precious to me to have met them in person. Our last Team H was in Osaka – and I can only describe it as fantabulous and very very hectic and busy kkkk …This time there was time to just chill. Again, to repeat what I have heard before, the best gift Jang Keun Suk has given us…is other eels. Thank you for reading this long fan account. I wanted to share with other eels – the tremendous effect that he had on me and other eels that night. Also, as many know, when Jang Keun Suk comes on stage, no one, no one else exists for me other than Jang Keun Suk. [END]

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