[Interview] partial translation of ‘Shukan Josei (Weekly Women)’ Jan 3&10 issue

December 22, 2016 in Interviews, Photos by tenshi_akuma (Japan)

Credit: AhobabeN weibo
English translation: Hazy Lee from ECI

Q: What do you do when you recharge?
JKS: Used to go clubbing previously, eat and drink with my friends. However lately, my ears will become painful after 5 min in the club. So I will leave as soon as I greeted my friends (laugh). Now I treasure the times I relax at home. Watching movie, watch other artist live performance DVD, writing scripts. Not only it helps as a reference to my acting as well as live shows, it also brings about inspirations. Writing script is one of the projects I have to complete in my University course, professor says “to write a serious human drama” but I personally prefer comedy, hence am currently writing a story about the main lead who drank too much and cause a big commotion comedy (laugh) If I could become a director who can also write scripts in future that will be great!

Q: What type of role would you like to try acting in future?
JKS: When I am selecting a drama, the most important thing I look out for is one where the character fits me. Since I have long hair in my 20s, I often acted in romantic comedy, but now that I turn 30, I hope to challenge police officer, criminal type of manly role. Looking forward to getting such offers! (laugh)

Q: After getting married, how will you be?
JKS: Now that I am 30, many around me are married. Those who used to drink with me till wee hours in the morning will now head back home before 12 midnight after they are married. Everyone look blissful in their marriage. But, at the same time, they also tell me “Keun-chan, if you can, getting married at a later age is better” (laugh) I wonder what is the truth… How will I actually be when I got married… I am the type who will still need my me-time when get I am married. But I will refrain from going out party and drinking so my spouse will feel secure.

Q: (Based on Korean age) you are now entering your 30s, what has changed?
JKS: Energy level has gone down (laugh) This is a joke. However since January this year, I felt a stronger sense of responsibility, and I have to work hard, yet nothing really changed. In my 20s, I was working hard, there is little time for myself nor time to relax. I turned 30 in August, it is important to recharge in order to excel in the drama I wish to act in. I need to be zealous during worktime, and fully relax during my personal time. I feel it is important to strike a good balance between the two.

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