[Notice] Our friend, Eve Yap’s solo exhibition ‘Ms Eel, Eve’s JKS Art Show 2016’ will be held in Tokyo, Japan

Finally we’re happy to announce the details to you, our friends!
Tada~! In conjunction with JKS’s additional Team H PARTY 2016 at Yoyogi 1st Gymnasium, Ms. Eve Yap, well-known as a talented artist eel and ECI member & designer, is going to hold her 1st ever art show ‘Ms Eel, Eve’s JKS Art Show 2016’ in Tokyo, Japan! Yay!!!
■SCHEDULE: Dec 16th (Fri) & 17th (Sat) 11:00 ~ 17:30
■LOCATION: At Design Festa Gallery, Harajuku (East 203) *JKS’s favorite area, ura-Harajuku ^^
■DETAILS: Eve Yap Art Corner Facebook page

If you’re coming to Japan this round, please come and join the event, too! Please come~ come~!!! 🙂

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15 thoughts on “[Notice] Our friend, Eve Yap’s solo exhibition ‘Ms Eel, Eve’s JKS Art Show 2016’ will be held in Tokyo, Japan”

  1. Uh-oh, too bad I cannot visit the unique JKS-inspired art show. 🙁 Are the items for sale at the exhibition? Scrolling down Eve’s FB page, among the items that caught my attention are the Daegil-laptop skin, mug and pouch, guitarist Suk-tote bag, throw pillow and duvet.. May I know where Eve is from, and whether she sells these items at a specific outlet? Who knows, I may be visiting the place she lives during my upcoming vacation.

    • Thank you for taking interest in my works. The items are not at specific outlet, in fact they are print on demand from a website which I post my work on . Please visit https://society6.com/eveyap to have a look . You may like my society6 page to get updated with new post and promotions. Otherwise liking my FB page will do too.

  2. Sis!!!!! So this was the surprise..
    Omo sis I m actually crying now just seeing the way eels love him selflessly.. Really teary eyed now..

    Congratulations Eve sis.. And thanku for organizing this great event..
    Eels visiting team h party this time will have a great time watching all ur beautiful fan arts for Sukkie..
    Ur works r always great..??

    Can Suk know about all these??
    He will b very happy..
    And if he personally visits it will b a Jackpot for eels.. ☺

      • Yeahhhh this will b in news n Suk will know about this.. Praying for this.. It’s a great idea.. very happy n very very proud for this event.. Best wishes for u sis..

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