[2016-11-21] CRI-J twitter

– How to apply CRI-J 8th “foreign” membership –
Access princejks.com and click “Join” on the upper right part of the screen!
(For group applications: Please don’t enter your own address in the address field. Instead, please mention your group name)
크리제이 8기 “해외” 정회원 가입 입력은 princejks.com 화면 오른쪽 상단의 “JOIN”버튼을 누른 후 신청하세요!
(단체 가입 입력시 유의사항: 주소 입력란에 본인의 주소를 입력하지마시고, 단체명을 입력하세요)

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8 thoughts on “[2016-11-21] CRI-J twitter

    • The gift has been a dairy, with some pages with his pictures. There’s also a membership card with his image (size of credit card).

      Some years there’s also other freebies like stickers or postcards

      • Thanks Siew Hin. 😀 Will it be delivered immediately or will it take months? cause I will be away for a month and I am thinking where would I address it… 😀

        One more thing…cause I am quite new with these kind of stuffs and I am a bit curious why there is such thing as membership fee? is it just a payment for the ID or they use it for other things? I really dont know anything so please help me.. Really appreciate it… Thanks in advance.. 😀


  1. Hi Newbie_Eel! The goodies will not be delivered until January of next year.
    A membership fee is required in order to join the official fan club because of the advantages you receive from being a member. Being a member allows you to view OFC photos and videos from this year to as far back as 2010.

  2. You will also be able to read updates about JKS from Tree J staff. JKS will also post his own messages and members will be able to read them. Being an OFC member will give you first priority to apply for his concerts in Korea.These are just a few of the advantages given to those who are members.

  3. Regarding your ID, Tree J will check your ID along with the name you registered with on the ofc site and compare it to your name on your passport in order for them to grant you admission into the venue for his concerts in Korea.

  4. Hi Everyone!

    Trying to join the Official Fanclub and after completing the step 3, got directed to a black page. :/

    Did someone also experience it?

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