[ENG-SUB] JKS interview vol.2 for ‘Daebak’ on WOWOW

Original Credit: WOWOWofficial
English translation: tenshi_akuma

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Q: ‘Daebak’ has a meaning of ‘jackpot!’ and that is one of the themes of this drama. What do you think the biggest gamble in your life was?
A: Perhaps my life totally changed after I appeared in a drama ‘You’re Beautiful’ in my 20s. In fact, many problems occurred before the shooting started. It took a long time to start shooting. I suppose it took about one year after I received the script. I was waiting for one year, telling the production staff “Please don’t give the script to anyone. I really want to play the role.” I think the one-year waiting time was the biggest gamble in my life so far. If I had given up waiting halfway and chosen another drama instead, my life would have been totally different.

Q: That was a turning point for you?
A: Yes, I think so. After that, I debuted as a singer in Japan, and continue holding my own concerts. I started learning Japanese. I’m sure that was the biggest ‘daebak’ in my life.
Q: That means both ‘gamble’ and ‘jackpot’ in a sense?
A: Yes
Q: I see. You experienced your ‘Daebak’ in your life.
A: Right.

Q: Do you think your continuous acting has changed your approach to acting and perspective of the world?
A: It’s been more than 25 years since I started acting in front of cameras. While acting, I always bear in mind to see a camera lens as human eye. I think the same when I’m interviewed. Once I consider the lens as everyone’s eye, I come to think that I should be more honest in the interview. I believe people can tell easily if I act a lie. So I always try to understand the character deeply and expand the settings such as his habits before the shooting starts. I keep them in my mind while preparing for the role. When the shooting starts, I always try to live the character’s life, not to act it. I think this manner will not change as long as I’m an actor.

Q: By the way, what do you think the reason Korean dramas fascinate viewers?
A: I guess that is related to a powerful sense of speed and rhythm that is unique in Koreans. On the other hand, Japanese dramas give attention to details and the storylines are described slowly and politely. The typical storyline of Korean dramas has ups and downs. I think Korean power is reflected in dramas. That’s why Korean dramas fascinate oversea viewers.

Q: Tell us about the highlights of drama ‘Daebak’ ~fateful moments~
A: It’s my first drama after I turned 30 in Korea. I hope you to see more manly and more mature JKS as an actor.

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6 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] JKS interview vol.2 for ‘Daebak’ on WOWOW”

  1. Waaaahh comparing camera lens with human eyes.. only Suk can give such witty answers..
    People can say that one drama took him to the highest peak but he had gone through a lot to complete that one drama..
    Love his honest interviews always..
    Missing Candy a lottt n in the midst of that getting a subbed JKS interview is really a Jackpot for us.. Thanku Tenshi Sis for the vid..


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