[Audio index] BGM of tvN ‘Candy in my Ear’

Original source: DJ AKDONG NAVER blog
In ‘Candy in my Ear’, there are a lot of beautiful and impressive songs playing as the BGM. DJ AKDONG kindly shares some of them on his blog, and in addition, he made all music playing list on YouTube. Even though the TV show ends, memories of Candy will remain in our heart, listening to these songs.

Playing list: tvN ‘Candy in my Ear’ episode 1 to 7
Playing list: tvN ‘Candy in my Ear’ episode 8
Playing list: tvN ‘Candy in my Ear’ episode 9
Playing list: tvN ‘Candy in my Ear’ episode 10

Here’s some songs that are shared with screen shots on his blog.
The Soundtrack Kings “뷰티 인사이드”

Eurythmics “Sweet Dreams”

CITIZENS! “True Romance”

라이너스의 담요 “Love Me”

오진우 “야옹 Theme”

Mayuko(내가 연애할 수 없는 이유 OST) “恋愛って…”

샌디 브라운 “끌림”

다람 “그래요”

어반 자카파 “야야야”

Jean Francois Maurice “Monaco 28 A L`ombre”

Damien Rice “Colour Me In”

옥상달빛, 하상욱 “좋은 생각이 났어, 니 생각”

David Guetta & Kaz James “Blast Off”

Coldplay “Fix You”

Ed Sheeran “All Of The Stars”

이루마 “May Be”

Ed Sheeran “All Of The Stars”

Glen Hansard, Marketa Irglova “Falling Slowly”

어쿠루브 “고백”

장국영 “Thousand Dreams Of You”

John Legend “Someday”

검정치마 “Hollywood”

Imagine Dragons “Not Today”

노리플라이”끝나지 않은 노래”

김조한 “사랑에 빠지고 싶다”

Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”

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13 thoughts on “[Audio index] BGM of tvN ‘Candy in my Ear’

  1. Thank you very much.It’s great on how they edit the show with these songs. What a feeling to hear them again. Will definitely miss Candy in my ear and our AP…getting senti??

  2. Thanks for sharing sis.. the songs played in the show were really awesome.. n it sounds more with our Prince filming them..????
    This show will always b a great memory n thanks to all beautiful eels we watched it live, unsub n treasured the subbed one too.. Will miss the show always.. Miss u Sukkie..

    • sis….ap mujhe apka email id de sakte ho? main ek Bangladeshi girl hu….mere maan main kuch saowal hain regarding JKS Fan club….

      • Hi Disha!! Actually mein fan club ki member nahin hun.. bas ek saal se fan hun n mujhe fan club k bare mein bilkul bhi idea nahi hai.. lekin wait karo Tenshi Sis iis site mein notice zaroor dengi. JKS k official site se news milne par Tenshi Sis than share karegi.. Acha laga Bangladeshi eel se milkar.. bye.. thanku..

  3. I think i will re-run all of episodes of this show.. My heart can’t handle the fact that my prince won’t be longer in this show T-T I miss him soooo much!!

  4. wow this is awesome!! I actually made a playlist and downloaded my most favorite songs I’ve heard from MEC.. like All of the Stars, Not Today, True Romance, C’mon Through, Bada Bing, and Nobody But Me.. now I gonna add those mentioned above.. Thanks a lot!!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing~! Listening to the songs again brings back fond memories of MEC. Have enjoyed all the 10 fun-filled episodes to the max.

    Am now missing JKS a lot for he has appeared on TV since early this year till end of August… Produce 101, The Royal Gambler, My Ear Candy. Crossing my fingers he will surprise us with drama news soon~!!

    For some random MEC fun, do you have a favourite Candy for Suk? My Top 3 are Nam Gyu Ri, Yoo In Na and Ko Soon Hee. Not as a couple, of course, hahaha… but rather rooting for them to remain friends, and meet up somehow someday, even though the show has ended (for them)…

  6. There’s a song in episode 2 with this lyric “너밖에안돼요난” or something like that. Someone would be kind enough to tell what song is that will be very much appreciated. It sounded like 2PM’s Jun.K’s voicr….

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