[Pics] JANG KEUN SUK ENDLESS SUMMER 2016 DVD cover image

The pre-release date for KOARI buyers was October 26th, but the regular release date is November 9th.


P.S. The bonus disc ‘ Live audio CD with strings’ attached with JANG KEUN SUK ENDLESS SUMMER 2016 DVD [TOKYO ver.] has an error. The order printed on the package was wrong. Please check the right song list.
Correct) 5. Like a Movie 6. Oh My Lady
Not Correct) 5. Oh My Lady 6. Like a Movie

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8 thoughts on “[Pics] JANG KEUN SUK ENDLESS SUMMER 2016 DVD cover image

  1. Morning dear sis Tenshi by mistake I deleted the Endless Summer 2016 Osaka with Eng sub you download here before would you please do it again bcx I couldn,t find it anywhere . I have ordered the DVD of the shows both in Tokyo and Osaka I understand they don’t have any Eng sub I want to watch the one with the Eng sub thx very much appreciat if you can do it again bye

  2. Thx sis Tenshi for your quick responds and I am watching the show now ,but what happened ! ! there is no English sub ! ! like the one you sent. before ,please please help !

  3. Dear Tenshi it’s me again now it’s ok with the English sub on now thx very much I will enjoy watching it very much really thx from the bottom of my heart , goodnight Love you all bye

  4. dear tenshi, would purchase endless summer but would like with eng sub, also the region is australia would i be able to play it, also if i can where can i buy it from.

  5. Mary I live in Australia…..so long as you have an all region DVD player you can play anything. Depending on what PC you have you can change the region BUT you can only change it a certain number of times and then it locks on the last region you used. Portable DVD players should be able to play it automatically. Unfortunately s lot of the DVD are without Eng subs 🙁 Hope this helps

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