[Video] mezamashi_20161028

This was filmed on the first day of TEAM H PARTY 2016 Yokohama, October 26th. It will be in their tour DVD, too.


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7 thoughts on “[Video] mezamashi_20161028

  1. Hope we can watch this concert like end Summer concert..
    Actually after watching this little promo, really want to watch it full..
    But very happy to see at least a glimpse of the concert.. n this wow wow song.. This is Suk’s favourite, right?

  2. Suk’s hot dance moves followed by exotic dancing~! Is that the much talked-about Wow Wow song, and what’s the song title of the Arabian dance, anyone?

    Here’s a special shoutout to a Blue Eel.. Hi, Yayoi! Am just wondering if you attended the just-concluded Team H’s parties on October 26-27. If you did, could you please share with us here what Suk said during the talk segment? Thanks in advance if you do reply! 🙂

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