Close-up [Jang Keun Suk] Special Interview:

October 27, 2016 in Drama / Movies / TV, Interviews, Photos, Press Articles by tenshi_akuma (Japan)

Credit: WOWOW
Chinese translation credit: Weibo JKS Tieba
English translation: Evelyn Tan from ECI

Stepping in to the challenging new world of 30
Refreshingly dressed in a light blue shirt with navy coloured blazer and white jeans, JKS appeared at the shooting site. Matching his sweet looks is his nice sounding deep voice. This imbalance is extremely attractive. Raising to popularity and attracting many ladies in Asia with ‘You Are Beautiful’. This autumn, he shows us a new side of him in ‘The Royal Gambler’.

{skipped brief description of Daebak}

During the production presentation, I’ve expressed that i will ditched the image i have till date, and show a new image in this production.

“In the early part of the drama, i did alot of impromptu acting, as an emotional and innocent character. After my foster dad was murdered, to show how i grew and became tough, i focused the oppression using my eyes. This is also the first time i’m doing action scenes, fighting with sword, moving swiftly with my body is key, it is tough, but interesting.”
That ‘gamble’ is my turning point.

Gambling is the main theme of this production, so what is the largest bet in our life thus far?

“In my life, ever since in my 20s, I have been changed in front of the screen. Even 1 year after that, i still hope to act in a similar production. However, that thought changed and i did other scripts…which suits me at that moment. After that, my drama was broadcasted in Japan, not only as an actor, i debuted as a singer and held concerts. In that 1 year, i have laid my biggest bet of my life.“

Already 30 in Korean age, drinking “like a man” at his birthday party. From a child star, he has worked tirelessly for 25 years, we look forward to his future 5-10 years…

“I have my dreams in my 20s, for my 30s…marriage i think. I hope to have a baby JKS like me before my 40 years old. It will be better if this can be fulfilled earlier. i can’t be alone anymore, hope to meet the other half sooner. (laughs) In work, i have acted, sing, emcee and done various challenges. The future is long, I’m striving to work towards a new JKS.”

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