4 thoughts on “[Fan Account] A Malaysian eel, Tcer’s virgin trip and experience of 2016 TEAM H PARTY”

  1. Waiting for Prince until 7:30 pm n still eels r not tired.. wowww this is the true love of Eels.. Really felt like as if I were also waiting for Prince at the airport, talking only about JkS with all eel friends all the night, watching Team H live with all those cute poses of our PRINCE.. Woww I too want to experience all these..

    • N to get an eel friend who understands will be too good also.. But I m also amazed that an USA eel also understands Japanese.. Eels from all over the world r coming to Team H concerts.. feeling so proud.. And above all I really really want to see all the Indian dance of Sukkie.. Suk indeed dances great.. would feel very lucky to see this concert videos..

      • Loved ur FA sis.. It always feels great reading fan accounts of Eels in forever.. everytime a new experience.. Thanku for sharing with us..

  2. Lucky eels that have a chance to see TeamH this was my dream to see JKS concert but don’t know how to purchase the tickets

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