[Teaser-2] My Ear’s Candy EP.6_20160929

Credit: tvN
English translation: Hazy from ECI

JKS: This person will be the last person I love. I wish to love someone in this manner. To be able to date someone who can turned your heart warm is not easy. Have been reflecting lately…..what exactly is right…..
Candy night haze: KeunSuk oppa, let’s toast?
JKS: just like this, drinking while chatting, really feel like we are having a drink together. So really wish to see you in real person
Candy night haze: KeunSuk ah….me too

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11 thoughts on “[Teaser-2] My Ear’s Candy EP.6_20160929”

  1. Eels who is the candy of episode 5 and 6 please telk me do you think suk fall in love with this candy please tell me because i cant watch this easily in my country

  2. im guessing Candy# 3 is the actress Ko Sung Hee.. she mentioned that she is close to one of Suk’s friends (Ji Sung & Jae Joong). and I think it’s jae joong, because she was his leading lady in ‘Spy’.. she was also born in 1990. there was a picture of her posted in IG, her nail polish color is same with Candy #3 and their lips look similar..


    • Emskie, I am about to send my sentiments about the third candy 🙂 one of the eels also stated that it can be Ko Sung Hee, so I immediately searched her profile and so her instagram 🙂 then, she has recent posts about flower arrangements 🙂 I watched again My Ear’s Candy episode 5, and searched for variables that I can compare. I saw her nail polish in baby pink color in that episode and search for her pic in instagram that shows her hand, and to my surprise, she has a recent pic with baby pink nail polish as well 🙂 hihi

  3. zoe iam mimi from canada zoe may i ask you you a know about this show very much about his words to this third candy is this his real feeling to her i mean does he love this candy please explain to me zoe thanks your new eel friend from canada

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