[Pics] JKS visited his friend in Hawaii

UPDATE: added another one

Suk visited his friend living in Hawaii to celebrate his birthday that was September 23rd. This friend also visited Suk when Endless Summer concert was held in Tokyo. This is the link.

Original source: hiro.kei.brothers Instagram

Original source: appyhawaii Instagram

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26 thoughts on “[Pics] JKS visited his friend in Hawaii”

  1. Can’t wait to see JKS playing with his own kids someday soon. 🙂
    Matching beach sandals? Which one is Suk’s, I’m guessing it’s the white sandal.
    Btw, what drama award is he being nominated? Saw the article but it’s in Korean, can only recognize his name…

      • Guessing it’s the white sandals as well. Don’t know why, but I really felt that white sandals is his!:”) the foot pose matches his personality hehe so naughtily cute :”)

  2. Don’t know why, I am missing JKS so much. It’s so hard if there are few news about him :”( can’t imagine what my life would be once he enters the military huhu!! That’s why I am saving some drama series of him here when that time comes.. I know all of us eels will be there for each other when the time comes 🙂 🙁 knowing he’s in Hawaii seems a far place from Asia waaaah my heart pinches a little 🙁 but I know he’s enjoying out there… Can’t wait for October Month to come knowing he has a concert once again, I know this site will be flooded with posts again :”) will never get tired of waiting.. As what JKS has said in one of the episodes of My Ear’s Candy where Husky Noona is “Never Stop”. ❤️ And I am forever grateful with this site…

    Just like to share, since I am missing JKS so much, a while ago, I just wake up in the middle of the night around 2:30 AM to 3:00 Am, can’t open my eyes in full yet but I opened my mobile data (as there’s no wifi signal in my bedroom hihi) and immediately went to this site and surf. Though, there’s no new posts that time, seeing some eels posted some comments and saying thoughts about JKS, brings joy to my face already :”)

    Sorry for the long posts friends hihi just do not know where to open/ vent my sentiments :”)

    Have a blessed evening everyone!! Let’s all wait for the next episode of My Ear’s Candy :”)

  3. He has visited Hawaii at least twice this year, right? (The other was in January.) Hawaii was my chosen place to enjoy multiple birthdays a few months ago. Hauoli la Hanau to all!

  4. Our big AP is so adorable like the kids. He really loves playing with kids.He seems he will be the best dad when he got children. so lovely seeing him with these little kiddos..^_^

  5. our prince like Hawaii so much , may be bcx he like summer and enjoy beaches and swimmng and warm weather。I personally like summer too I don’t like the feeling of being cold and the atmosphere is kind of sad . So happy our Prince like summer .hahaha

  6. Sis Anonymous the message under your name was written by me teresakwokys ,why its under your name is it something went wrong ?just want to find out ! Nothing important,

  7. I love what you all said about this site. Forget Wikpedia – jangkeunsukforever.com is my JKS Wikipedia site. I get glimpses of JKS elsewhere, but this site has the complete story over many years – with English subs! Endless thanks (Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring!) to you Tehshi and all of your truly wonderful crew for your amazing dedication to bringing us a steady stream of JKS updates. And also for giving us a place to be a little ridiculous and gush repeatedly about this very fascinating man. 🙂

    • Hi cmroma, 🙂 yes this site is incomparable 🙂 I think browsing this site becomes my daily routine in life.. From time to time, I visit this site.. Countless times to say.. With or without new posts, I do not mind 🙂 Since the time that I indulge myself to JKS, there’s no day that I did not browse this site. So, cheers to everyone who are daily followers of this as well. My endless thanks to Tenshi, Hazy, Pei, Evelyn, Aphrael who continuously updates other international eels accross the world about JKS’ what/whereabouts. You truly help us to understand every vague details we have in mind and help us connect with one anothet in this diverse world 🙂 also shoutout to the active eels who comments from time to time, you make every posts a happier/ livelier.. 🙂

      Have a happy and meaningful month of October to everyone!:) l

  8. Just love all the comments. We seem to share this unconditional love for our Sugar Prince. Wishing him and all eels the best for whatever come to pass.

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