[ENG-SUB] Candy in my Ear Ep.5 – JKS part only

Credit: tvN
English translation : Hazy (Eci and Cri J Singapore)
Timing, editing and hardsub: Pei (Eci and Cri J Singapore)

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37 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] Candy in my Ear Ep.5 – JKS part only”

  1. Tenshi, Hazy and Pei 🙂 you never failed us in your works. I will always and be “forever” thankful to this jangkeunsukforever site. Thank you thank you so much!!!!

    • Uggh just finished watching. Can’t wait for the next episode to air after watching/ understanding their conversation ❤️❤️❤️ Oooh!!! Loving this 3rd Candy ❤️

    • She said she friends with jaejoong or ji sung, and than she said she started learning flower arragement, so i did some research, and my guess she might be Ko Sung Hee…

      • Hi Kalanala! Your searching skills are fantastic! I am trying to know who the candy is. And yes, it seems like the one you have mentioned 🙂 upon seeing her instagram, yeah, she seems unpredictable (the one characteristic she said to JKS), seems like a strong person (what JKS said), slightly feminine, but not that feminine just what JKS is imagining 🙂 seems like she has a complex
        Personality too hehe. While stalking her hehe seems like she’s not that type of woman who’s comfortable of saying “oppa” in a lovely way, but she does :))) maybe because of JKS’ request 🙂

        But too excited on the next episode 🙂 wondering how will their conversation go 🙂 waiting as well for her sentiments about JKS before the battery runs out :”) seems like every candy has this impression of JKS but corrected themselves after having a day witj JKS ❤️

  2. Thank you very much for all your hard work, Hazy, Pei and all the people involved in the translations! I really enjoyed this episode in the camping site, surrounded by trees and nice views! 🙂

  3. Suk is genius.. “Who is more prettier- flowers or you??” He knows every trick to deal with women’s heart.. And whenever he says “don’t do anything, I will shield u”- that moment I feel my heart melting super fast.. His voice, his way of speaking style, his flirty cheesy talks- everything is so unique.. Love this man but don’t know how much.

  4. Thank you, thank you for the English subs and your hard work! Our Prince is certainly one of a kind, he knows how to get to anyone’s heart. I am so intrigued by this new candy. I am always hopeful that he will meet “the one”. I know this is a tv show, but there is no harm in hoping, right?

  5. Seems like sukkie doesn’t like woman with past love scandal.. Of course woman at 30 has their past love… Better faster to find your love, AP.

  6. Today is the real birthday of our Prince.. Many Many happy returns of the day Sukkie.. Live long, eat a lot, stay healthy and continue to conquer this world.. We will always love u..
    Hope he gives any Twitter update today..

  7. Morning thx so much for the fast translations JkS is really handsome with this outfits I think he knows who this candy is let’s wait for the coming epi he is really a borned actor and singer I love his voice so much . After watching the Endless Summer in Osaka with the English sub he sings perfect hope they have the English sub for the DVD I ordered in Endless Summer of Tokyo and Osaka . Why this few days no news about our Prince ? Hope he will take some good rest before his coming projects Good luck good health God bless you

  8. Hai dear jsk we love your dramas and films especially your your beutiful drama we enjoyed lot with your actions and songs in yb drama.. my sister likes you so much jsk

  9. good day can i ask a question why can’t i view it anymore? thanks i really want to watch ep 5 onwards thanks Happy new year!

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