[Video] TEAM H – 4th ALBUM「Monologue』Teaser


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4 thoughts on “[Video] TEAM H – 4th ALBUM「Monologue』Teaser”

  1. What a teaser!!! Definitely gives justice on what a teaser really is!! Huhu can’t wait for the full entry..
    I am loving the contraction towards JKS’ image and the music genre (rock) – a clean looking rock star – maybe because of his new hair style with suave suit all up that gives fresh look to the viewers 🙂

    The intensity of the melody can seemingly be felt which makes the teaser better. But, adding the actions of the body and fervor of the eyes that JKS wishes to portray, makes it the best <3

    I am currently watching Mary Stayed All Night, and it makes me remember the scenario where JKS first sung the "Take Care, My Bus" song in the bar :")

  2. This is way to short, which is what defines a really good teaser! And Pinky Pie described the appeal of this video really well 🙂 My favorite Team H video is Raining on the Dance Floor (with Suk’s hair short), and I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing another video along those lines <3. Thanks for constantly giving us so much to smile about with your postings!

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