UPDATE: Hard-subbed one is now available

Original source: @kaorink
English translation: tenshi_akuma, Hard sub: Saad; both from ECI

MJE from SaadOtaibi on Vimeo.

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8 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] MUSIC JAPAN_20160820”

  1. “Why I´m dancing, I´m a rock singer!” Kkkk… So charming!♥ I always love his interviews.

    Thank you so much for the translation, Tenshi!^^

  2. Everytime we see him, be it concerts, show or appearance…it’s a date..
    So happy he thinks of us the whole time 🙂 …just like eels
    My Darling

  3. Aigoo our prince works so hard in order to make us happy.. Love you even more! BTW thank you so much Tenshi for the video and the subs^^

  4. thx Tenshi for the translations ,we really enjoy all his interviews with Eng sub ,why cant he improved his Chinese and speak as fluent as Japanese!but anyway looking at him and listen to him are already entertaining ,thx for update all JKS news really appreciate and your hard works Byebye everyone have a nice weekend。Shanghai show is comming soon wishing him all the success we all support you good luck Love you


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