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July 10, 2016 in Fan Account, Photos by tenshi_akuma (Japan)

Always Siew Hin’s FA is very lively written to enjoy reading. Thank you Hin for sharing! 🙂
Credit: Siew Hin from ECI

He had cut his hair!!!!!!
That I already knew as eels had seen him the night before.

So with a slightly aching heart, but still pounding wildly as usual before he appears at a show, I waited with baited breath for him to appear.

Hair swept all the way down.
Black bow tie, white shirt, silver jacket with black and shiny grey cross-like motif, black tailored pants. Hmmmmmm ………… sigh………….. why didn’t he let me see him with long hair once before cutting it again.

In this 1st outfit, he only sang 4 songs, and talked…. and talked and talked and talked.
Our boy loves to talk, and he had been silent for months while filming Daebak.
So I expected him to be especially long-winded during this show.
But he exceeded my expectations – For the 1st 1.5 hours, he sang only 4 songs and talked the rest of the time!

As he was speaking in Korean, I didn’t understand a thing.
So all I did was just stare at him.
Memorized what he was wearing, how his hair was styled, what he looked like.

One very significant thing during this show was, during the session when he was talking, the screens showed pictures of him, and the topic he was talking about was written in 4 languages : Korean, Japanese, Chinese and English.

I believe this is the first time he had the 4 languages up on the screen.
An effort in trying to enable all those present who did not understand Korean to be understand what was going on.

Suk – I really appreciated that!

When he finally went backstage to change, I was hoping and praying he wouldn’t talk so much during the 2nd part.

Then he appeared…………..and I think I died and went to eel-heaven the second he appeared!

Ooooohhhhhhh…….. mmmyyyyyy……Sukkkkkkkk!!!!

He had on a black and white polka-dot shirt – that was nicely unbuttoned to his chest. Light blue torn demni jeans. And his hair……… it looked lightly permed (perfectly just right) and swept back all the way!

He was absolutely drop-dead gorgeous – beautifully handsome!!!!!!

And then of course, the expected usual thing happened to me – as always during every one of his shows.

When he appears looking like that, I can be forgiven for that .

I have absolutely no idea what happened after that.

The only thing I can remember in the 2nd half is this :

My seat this time was at Block 10, 2nd last row, Aisle seat
Not a great seat, but not too bad.

But the moment I realized where my seat was……….I behaved like a spoilt brat and started wailing loudly.

So loudly that Crij’s President came and asked what was wrong. (I seriously didn’t realize I was that loud and thought only friends were around me when I reacted). She then exclaimed it was a good seat, that it was smack in the middle of the venue facing the centre and extension as well – and it was raised on platform. She kept assuring me it was a good seat. By then, I was so embarrassed for behaving so badly, I had to assure her I was fine with my seat.

And I was – when I got to my seat, I realized I had a totally unblocked view.
He was about the size of Cabbage Patch Doll, but I had the screens to stare at, and with my binoculars I could see his face very clearly, specially when he was standing at the end of the extension.

And I could dance freely – so freely that I was happily standing on the steps (instead of at my seat) dancing away, while staring at him through the binoculars.
(I had abandoned that darn tennis racket he calls a light stick by then)

You know the science of sight right?
What you can see – the other person whom you are staring at can see?

Sigh…… I was standing right on the steps, directly facing him when he was on stage singing – not behind the seats like the other 2,999 well-behaved eels.

No other person between him and me.

I could see him – and I think he saw me (gulp!)

When I was staring at him through the binoculars, I saw him looking directly at me! (I think he did). I put down the binoculars and he seemed to be glaring at my direction……. I quickly moved back to my seat – and stayed there obediently for the rest of the show (kkkkk luckily that was at the 2nd last song when it happened)

P.S :
An eel had requested that I make my FA as peely as possible – the more the better.
Unfortunately, our boy was so well-behaved this time, there was nothing I could peel about!


1) Promise (YAB)
2) Oh My Darling

3) Oh My Lady (YMP)
4) My Lovely Girl ( BM)

5) My Bus (MMM)
6) Hello Hello (MMM – slow version)
7) Without Words (YAB)
8) Can You Hear Me (BV – full song)
9) Turn Off
10) Save Me
11) Still ( YAB)

12) Beautiful Change
13 ) Gotta Get You

a) The Great Legacy
b) Short Movie in New Zealand
c) Produce 101
d) Daebak
e) New album recording

a) Baek Dae-gil
b) Dokga Ma-te
c) Seo Joon
d) Kang Mu-gyul
e) Hwang Tae-kyung

a) Long or Short Hair
b) Black or Brown Hair
c) Looks or Talent
d) Voice or Eyes
e) Skinny or Muscular
f) Causal or Suit
e) Solo or Team H

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