15 thoughts on “[Fan Account] JANG KEUN SUK ASIA TOUR 2016 in Seoul_20160702 by Siew Hin”

  1. Thank you so much for your FA, i love to read your FA..it’s always fun to read^^ i really wish to be there next time to feel such a great experience..

  2. Sis, when u described the incident of facing sukkie i felt my heart came out.. But how can we choose anyone frm part 1 and part 2 questions?? He has everything.. looks good in everything <3 <3 Its too unfair dear..

  3. You are so funny and in love <3 ha ha ha. I cannot stop laughing when I read this. I really enjoyed reading your story. I just hope Suk read this too. :)Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thank you for sharing. I made me feel like I’m there too!

    a) Long or Short Hair – both are good. And his haircut this time is pretty good and very fresh!
    b) Black or Brown Hair – brown
    c) Looks or Talent – both (besides being good looking, I can see that he is a very talent and hard working person. And have leadership power too. That’s why I love him so much.)
    d) Voice or Eyes – both
    e) Skinny or Muscular – prefer not too skinny
    f) Causal or Suit – prefer causal more, but suit is good too
    e) Solo or Team H – both, but more on solo

  5. Thanks for your precious FA! May I know if his tour will include Southeast Asia as reported in the media recently? Is it true that he will be acting again after his Asia Tour? I first heard of this info after the July 2nd concert which you attended. Thanks, hope to get your response.

    • Dear Vivi,
      So far, there are 2 other confirmed It’s Show Time shows – 1 on 30 July in Shenzhen and another on 27 August in Shanghai.
      There are no news on any other shows in other cities at the moment.

      He is however having another 2 Endless Summer shows in Osaka on 19 and 20 July (next week!!)

      At the moment, there is no official news on him acting again after all these shows.

      I’m not sure if he mentioned about acting during his Seoul or Tokyo shows.
      Let me ask other eels and will get back to you.

      • Vivi,

        Based on some other eels FA on this Seoul Show, it seems he did say he will chose another acting project after his concert tour ends. Likely after September

      • Wow that’s good news to hear he will have another acting project.. He better have another one or two before he enlist.. Fighting our Prince!!

  6. “Then he appeared…………..and I think I died and went to eel-heaven the second he appeared!

    Ooooohhhhhhh…….. mmmyyyyyy……Sukkkkkkkk!!!!

    He was absolutely drop-dead gorgeous – beautifully handsome!!!!!!”

    This fan account has validated my feelings! ♥️ This was exactly my reaction when I chanced upon his Save Me performance from this show! That Save Me performance video is my current obsession (along with that short Darling Darling clip from Gift where he is wearing a white button down shirt with damp hair).

    What can I say – simple and clean styling just highlights JKS’ gorgeous face and raw magnetism. I don’t know if I should be embarrassed to say that I watch Save Me at least 3 times a day.😅

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