[News] JANG KEUN SUK ENDLESS SUMMER 2016 official goods

UPDATE: New item, ENDLESS MIRROR is going to be sold in Osaka (July 12)

Original source: http://www.jang-keunsuk.jp/summer_2016/#goods


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8 thoughts on “[News] JANG KEUN SUK ENDLESS SUMMER 2016 official goods

  1. Tenshi sis, “The happy life” will be shown in 38th Moscow Intl Film Festival starting frm 23rd to 30th june.. Sis all the eels must know it.. Plz post the details here..

  2. Its already 24th today! How’s the reception for the from yesterday, Sis? Hope you can get more info, this is good for him and eels too…hope his other works like Itaewon and Love Rain get shown in other international film festivals also in the US..

    • Sis, I just read the post frm jang keun suk romania and jks world fb page.. Nothing more.. Hope sis could post this.. Proud moment for all of us.

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