7 thoughts on “Thoughts on ‘Daebak (The Royal Gambler)’ Episode 23

  1. Thank you for writing despite of your hard schedule. I also think this Daebak is a kind of love story… I found that love story drama doesn’t happen between men and women only.

    • So agree..the degree of Love in its self is a love story.. All kinds and levels of love passed the revue in this drama and it’s because of this love, sacrifices and choices were made..this drama left me in awe. Eventhough there was no expected lovestory and obligatory episode 8 hot kiss..this drama captivated me till the very end…
      Jang Keun Suk’s already amazing acting skills have been supported by a equally wonderful cast making it all the more shining….so thankful he made this Daebak choice

  2. Wow sis.. Truely its a love story of our prince.. I m so happy with the writer and i really think she must be the greatest eel of sukkie.. Everything focussed on daegil’s development and daegil’s bromance.. The drama also showed what was said in trailer.. Our heroic and kind prince bet his precious life for his beloved people.. I love my hero so much.. Sis, i liked ur description about 3 persons having a motive.. Our prince is a “tiger” not a “beast” and so is very special.. Last thing even if its too hard for eels to do all these in their busy life, plz keep up this hard work.. Eels’ thoughts are much worthy.. Thanku.

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