[Preview] SBS ‘Daebak (The Royal Gambler)’ Episode 22

Credit: DramaSBS

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4 thoughts on “[Preview] SBS ‘Daebak (The Royal Gambler)’ Episode 22”

  1. Suk looks too handsome with beard and moustache.. Only 3 episodes.. Gonna miss our unique prince daegil.. But happy with episode 21.. Our handsome bros lost everything still have each other’s support.. But feeling sorry for those good ministers.. Somebody should have protected them..

  2. Looking forward to his image transformation in tonight’s episode. He looks good and manly with a moustache and beard! Just wondering if he’s moved to the village where Baek Man Geum now lives. Also, can’t wait to see the scene of him and Seol Im doing the laundry Kkkk..

  3. So Seol Im is the one?? They r doing laundry together..so sweet!! Not very used to seeing Sukkie with the moustache..lol! I thot the director din want him to have it coz it just covered his handsome face..haha! New image for him though..hopefully this awesome drama opens up new path for our dear Sukkie and we will get to see him in many other image!!

    Would like to see him act as a real bad guy someday..his acting in Itaewon is just plain awesome..sends chills down my back!!

  4. Maybe we can safely assume that he and Seol Im had take their relationship to the next level.. The drama need not elaborate it for time constraints. Just like how Yeoning ended up having a queen..

    I also want him to do a villain role in his next acting project. The type of villain that you can’t help but to love and hate at the same time.. Haha!!


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