4 thoughts on “Thoughts on ‘Daebak (The Royal Gambler)’ Episode 20

  1. Thanks Melinda for this wonderful recap… I love the way you put your “feeling” in black and white.. I felt the same way watching this drama.. and I agree on your personal note very much.. This is really a man’s drama.. and it’s a good one.. all characters in place, very good and JKS showed us his amazingly versatile intense acting..
    This again is a drama to watch over and over again for his acting is so 3D …need to see all his expressions, body language and listen to his voice more closely..
    Wonderful Daebak!

    • Thank you Mamacri. It would have been impossible to write a Daebak recap without adding my personal and very strong feelings. Even though it is a man’s drama, it is very passionate one with powerful emotions, not eviked by women, but by the men. Too many Alpha males in the same playground.

  2. Thank you Melinda.Actually, his facial expressions are very good in this drama. He is talented very talented. He choose good drama and he did good job.It is not easy things because all main characters are males.I think it is a challenge to him.

  3. Sis, really suk looks toooo good with this uniform..<3<3 enemies can put their guns down just looking at him.. He never dissappoints us with any drama.. So proud to be an admirer of such a great actor.. Daebak was very challenging to prove himself in a heavily star studded show.. And our suk did it with excellence. Nothing can beat the bromances in this drama all bcoz of our prince's great chemistry with everyone.. Liked ur personal thoughts sis.. Eels must be given the duty of recapping in dramabeans..

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