[Preview] SBS ‘Daebak (The Royal Gambler)’ Episode 19

Credit: SBSNOW

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3 thoughts on “[Preview] SBS ‘Daebak (The Royal Gambler)’ Episode 19”

  1. aw man…Daebak is indeed DAEBAK!!! the scene where the King calls him Yeong Su (which is his actual name as a Prince) touches me deeply…it’s like the King finally showed his true feelings to Daegil…but that act confuses Daegil, should he continue to be Daegil? or should he be Yeong Su, the hyung-nim to Yeoning-gun? with no answers, the King passed away…my goodness! this is really keeping me at the edge of my seat!! another 5 eps to go…how is it going to end?? will Daegil become the King?
    looks like Seol Im is always by his side…will she be Daegil’s love? that scene where he cried for his Mother and Dam Seo is so heart-breaking…
    personally i felt that the story is really becoming very tense and heavy…no smiles and happiness for the longest time…a little too depressing since Ep 17…when can we see happy moments? even the scene when Dae Gil reunite with Man Geun is a little depressing…and when i thought that romance is coming up for him n Dam Seo…she died! its like a roller coaster ride every week…exciting and unpredictable…looking forward to see how will the story unfolds but on the other hand, i think i’ll miss this roller coaster ride…hah!

  2. Yeah!! The scenes of daegil and the king are always so great.. I dont know what spell does their chemistry has?? Just both of them looking affectionately (no need of dialogues) can make the drama superhit.. In “love rain” joona and his father had this type of impact too.. This is indeed a bonus for a drama having so magical actors.. and a blessing to have “suk” as lead.

  3. Happy to read K-viewers’ feedback on this episode, and on our Suk’s acting. 🙂

    It is so heartbreaking to watch his emotional crying scenes. He has lots of such scenes in “Daebak” as compared to previous dramas, doesn’t he?

    Dam Seo’s shocking decision to take her own life truly devastated Dae Gil. I want to see him all smiles and cheerful again like the time when he was naive and carefree Gae Ddong. He deserves to be happy, and to love and be loved by a good, caring and loving girl… someone like Seol Im, perhaps? Hehehe I’m still rooting for my ultimate OTP, Dae Gil and Seol Im.


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