5 thoughts on “Thoughts on ‘Daebak (The Royal Gambler)’ Episode 18”

  1. Thank you Tcer for writing your recap and thought even you were very busy. About Dam Seo’s death, yes, it was really shocking and I didn’t expect it at all in this episode 18. But later thinking back, I believe it was planned from the beginning. Remember the first episide of Daebak. In Jwa was alive with two guards. That means In Jwa has survived after some accidents. In Jwa was caught in prison and about to be killed, but he survived. After Crown Prince released him, it was natural that the king ordered Kim Che-gun to kill In Jwa. Kim Che-gun is the best swordsman and very loyal to the king, but In Jwa has to be survived. For me, it’s very understandable that only Dam Seo’s will with her life’s scarification can stop it. And two brothers love the same woman, Dam Seo. It’s a very sad storyline why Dam Seo chose her death. But we have more 6 episodes and it must be a big bet for the country. Dam Seo’s death meant a lot to everyone. I’m sure Daebak will be more interesting to the final episode.


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