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May 30, 2016 in Drama / Movies / TV, Fan Account by tenshi_akuma (Japan)

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Author: Tcer Fika from ECI
Photo credits: SBS

As episode 18 it begin with King Sukjong is dying, after getting mad at Crown Prince because he was against his father. At the end of episode 17 If thought the King is really died ( but I’m pretty sure its not only me >_< ). That time I think the crown prince was so surprised about what had happen to his father King Sukjong (I hope he really regret between him and king). Luckily he was only fainted as I thought 6 more episode until the final. And I really wanna see what he will do to In Jwa. 最後に追加した項目-49
Meantime at DaeGil’s house, he didn’t know yet about what had happen to King Sukjong..he just do his own duty to settle up everything that happen to him and his father Man Geum. Seol Im is asking him where he wanna go, he seems don’t want others to know what he will doing and ask her to looking for Yeon Hwa and told her that they will have something to discuss together. While talking to Seol Im someone is stalking him and he’ s noticed about it, and it was his father BAEK MAN GEUM!!! DaeGil keep on following him until Man Geum hiding in one place but still can be found by DaeGil.
While at the Palace, Prince Yeoning running to visit the king, he seems cannot accepted what has happen to his father. Everyone was so sad including Prince Yeonryung because he was really close with the king. Kim Chae Gun also there,the King was really sick.
When everyone is so sad about the sick King Sukjong, Daegil also the same way too. He finally met with with his father who supposed to be death but he actually survived. That time I can feel that he really sad, seems can’t believe that he still have his father. He asked if it wasreally his father, and finally Man Geum admitted that he was and asking for an apology. Sadness was surrounding, can feel how hurt Daegil was that time. Daegil asked Man Geum why he pretend to be death, Prince Yeoning is asking the doctor who was be responsible to take care of King Sukjong. He said the pulse is weak but its still there, his breathing also very weak. But Prince Yeoning didn’t want to hear about that, he is digging more fro the doctor and asking the reason why the King was really sick because he was really healthy the day before. The doctor is hesitant to answer because he himself are not sure about what had happen. He just curious about one thing (and also me thinking about the same too T_T) IT WAS THE INCENSE FROM THE OPIUM!!
Prince Yeoning took the opium and check what’s inside while the doctor explain what are the ingredients been using in that opium. The doctor said the incense was made from poppy flower in order to alleviate the king’ s pain. But the doctor admit that he has warned King Sukjong not to used it very often. Prince Yeoning was mad and also the Crown Prince too because no one know about it and the doctor said King Sukjong has ordered it to be secret.

Prince Yeoning walking out from King’s room and all the minister from Soron and Noron factions was waiting outside, once Prince Yeoning passed by, Minister Kim Chang Jib ask about King’s condition and he was told that King has passed his critical stage, Prince Yeoning change his sight to Soron factions with a suspicious thoughts (that’s what came crossed to my mind) then he leave them. He check the ingredient and asked which one has the poppy flower then the physician show him. The Prince Yeoning asked if that poppy flower can make ones lose consciousness. Then the physician told that poppy flower was really dangerous. It can cause to death if someone misused it. Prince Yeoning really angry and scold him why he give that to the King. Prince Yeoning was shocked after been told that King is suffered from gallstones for the pass two years and sometimes he often vomit a blood. He little regret because didn’t know about King’s sickness as it had been hiding from him, Prince Yeonryong and also Crown Prince. He asked the physician where did the opium came from and been told that the opium is made by Jeonuigam. Meantime the Crown Prince arrived at the physician place, he ask weither they found the answer and how did the opium been placed at the King”s chamber. But the physician told that they will burn the opium first to smell it but they cannot burn it thoroughly.

Back to Daegil and Man Geum, Daegil asked Man Geum if he really made a deal with In Jwa and Man Geum admit it. As for him, he never think about being a king. All he want is to be with his father. But Man Geum remind him that Daegil’s life is for Joseon people. He was whispering something to Daegil when Seol Im and Yeon Hwa saw them both. Seol Im and Yeon Hwa only see Daegil but they didn’t recognize who’s with him as Man Geum hiding his face using his hat.Then Man Geum left Daegil with this two lady.
His grandfather was really surprised after he know that Man Geum is still alive. But Daegil said Man Geum don’t want anyone to look for him and Daegil remember what is his father told him during a day, that he has task to do.Kim Che Gun arrived at Daegil’s house and asking what happen. He told them about King’s condition and have to be at the palace to watch over the king. Suddenly Lee in Jwa names came out from Daegil’s mouth. He knew that all the things has happen is because of him. Chae Gun ask him if he has a proof, because how can a prisoner can do all that. And Daegil ask if Chae Gun think it was Jung the traitor doing. He just make a guess from what had happen before where In jwa tried to separate him with his father, when the King is unconsciousness, he said it all happen because of In Jwa needs.

The fortune teller check on King Sukjong and told In Jwa that he still alive. Suddenly, minister from Soron factions come to the prison, and tell In Jwa that he impressed how In Jwa controlled his own destiny. So he let In Jwa safe for this time and make sure Crown Prince will be on In Jwa’s side this time.In Jwa offers him a few positions and want him to make a choice, or else he would gim him a sword to destroy all of Noron factions.

Crown Prince have a meeting with all the minister from Soron and Noron factions. They were discuss about the things has happen during few days. The minister from Soron faction worried that it may caused unrest among the people, so he asked Crown Prince to use his mercy to pardoning all the prisoners. The Soron factions didn’t agree about it and ask the Crown Prince to make the traitors as an example by beheading them and cement his authority as the future leader. The Crown Prince ask them to stop and while staring at Prince Yeoning he asked if they should beheading people and make unrest situations among people during his father unconsciousness. Then Prince Yeoning ask him back if he would released the traitor Lee In Jwa and they both having a private discussion without all the minister.
Crown Prince asked Prince Yeoning why he was against him all the time then Prince Yeoning asked him back will he have the guts to face the King after he gain his consciousness. The Crown Prince was really mad and tell Prince Yeoning that Lee In Jwa is not a traitor. Once Prince Yeoning tell the Crown Prince about Lee In Jwa intentions to take over the throne, Crown Prince also ask Prince Yeoning if he didn’t have any intentions to get the throne. He accused Prince Yeoning has an intentions to get the thrones because he was really brave to blackmail him that time when Prince Yeoning as The Right of the Army. He also admitted that now he knew who is his ally and who is his enemy. Back to the time he was so young, when his mother being kicked out from the palace, he can still remember each words come from his mother.
Daegil go to the prison and meet In Jwa to ask him what deal he has made with his father. Lee In Jwa little surprised that Daegil meet Man Geum but he still show the cool side of him. He said he was expected much but many things happen, he was in prinsn, Bok Soon is died he can expect that Man Geum will show himself. He asked Daegil how does he feel when he met a father who supposed to be death. Daegil was mad, he was full of hatred towards Lee In Jwa until he doesn’t want to forgive him. Lee in Jwa told Daegil, because of his determination he don’t want to give up.
Once Daegil walk out from the prison, Prince Yeoning has waiting for him. Prince Yeoning ask abou Daegil’s father also with Daegil he asked about King’s condition. Prince Yeoning show him the poppy flower, and told Daegil that king has used it. He also don’t know who was behind all this. Prince Yeoning also tell Daegil about all the ministers, they are against the capital punishment. Not only the Soron factions, even the Seonggyungwan scholars are signing petitions for Lee’s release and asked Daegil what he should do.
The Crown Prince finally came out with the order that Lee In Jwa will be pardoned and released also with his followers. The Norons still didn’t agree and begging to the Crown Prince but he didn’t listen. Daegil also surprised when hear about the news. After being released from the prison, Lee In Jwa and his followers thanks to the Crown Prince.
Baek Daegil meet the Crown Prince and was asked why is everyone know him. He saw the king’s favourite sword and talk to himself that he didn’t even get such a gift from the King. He told Daegil that his face is looks like Prince Yeoning and Royal Concubine Choi also King Sukjong. The Crown Prince also mention about Baek Man Geum and Daegil was surprised and ask him how did he know. The Crown Prince throwback how did he ended up knowing who is Baek Man Geum where that time he still young when Baek Man Geum being interrogated in the Palace. Suddenly he aske about Daegil date of birth and the time he was born, Daegil try to hide about it and tell the Crown Prince that he don’t know anything related to his birthday.
After being released, Lee In Jwa has recommended Daegil as an officer. But the Crown Prince says that he is not that easily to trust Lee In Jwa as he also don’t know why he recommended Daegil. So he ask Daegil to investigated about Lee In Jwa and he appoint Daegil as a soldier of the Royal Guards as he has been taught by Kim Chae Gun. Kim Chae Gun asked Daegil to change his cloths into the soldier cloth but Daegil refuse to do it. Kim Chae Gun explain to him that he has to obey all the orders came from the Crown Prince since the King is unwell and Daegil follow as Kim Chae Gun asked.
After getting his acupunctured treatment, the king finally gain his consciousness, Pring Yeonryong was really happy. As the king conscious, he wanna meet Kim Chae Gun. Prince Yeoning was rush after heard about the king but the minister asked him to wait because the king having a meeting with the Crown Prince. Even he can get up but still the King looks weak. King was really mad at the Crown Prince because of his action to released Lee In Jwa and his followers. But the Crown Prince doesn’t look afraid at all. He even admit that he sometimes really hate the king his father. He also why king Sukjong never give him an approval as he play his roles as the Crown Prince but favoured Prince Yeoning and Prince Yeonryeong. After having a talk with the king, the Crown Prince go out from the king’s room but his face looks like filled with revenge and hate.
King Sukjong asked Kim Chae Gun to meet him, while Chae Gun see the king, Daegil and Prince Yeoning having a walked and talk. Prince Yeoning know that Lee In Jwa has recommended Daegil as a Soldier of Royal Guard. He suddenly thinks that Lee In Jwa try to tear him and Daegil apart. When the prime minister Kim Chang Jib come to see Prince Yeoning, he ask Daegil who is him. Then when Daegil say his name, prime minister seems to know something about him.

When Daegil walk aloned, he keep on thinking about what Prince Yeoning has asked him at the apalace before, weither he was an enemy or ally. Meantime, Lee In Jwa is celebrating his freedom from the prison with all of his followers. He seems happy that everything that he had planned has showed some positive reaction. He bet that soon Daegil and Prince Yeoning will know who is enemy and ally.

Prince Yeoning having a secret meeting with the prime minister Kim Chang Jib and all the Norons. Kim Chang Jib report about the poisoned opium why it is not being report. Prince Yeoning just keep silence to show that he already know about it. The Prime Minister giving Prince Yeoning an advice for not doing all the investigation alone. The also warned that all the traitors has controlled the Crown Prince. All the ministers remind Prince Yeoning to asked for help as he is not being alone and Prince Yeoning agreed to all the minister and promised them to asked them for help.
Once Daegil arrived at his home, his grandfather and Seol Im congratulate him for being a soldier. But Daegil seems not to be happy about his new work. He told them that Lee In Jwa has been released so its not suitable to celebrate anything. Seol Im and his grandfather give him a support and deep down inside his heart Daegil has make a promise not to let anyone to be hurt.
King Sukjong asked Kim Chae Gun to used his sword to kill Lee In Jwa and bring his head back to the palace. No ambush, no assassination and don’t act like a coward, that is what he been told by the King.Kim Chae Gun will represent the king and his sword.
Jung Hwe Ryang is meeting Lee In Jwa during the day, and In Jwa seems don’t like to meet Jung at the time like that because it was really dangerous. They having a tea, and In Jwa thanks to Jung for helping him. And this time we all know that who was behind king’s poisoned opium. Jung really hope that King would die that day. Jung asked In Jwa if he really wanna make Daegil as a King. Jung plans wanted to test In Jwa this time because he said he couldn’t reluctant aside him if he only holding on his luck fortune. He plans wanna show to the world Lee In Jwa capable. Two things he has listed up to In jwa are he will test Daegil and he wanna know what will In Jwa do to King since the king will never ever easily to let him go. This time, In Jwa looks like he don’t know what to do. Maybe it wasn’t in his plan as Jung has put a conditions on him.

Jung met Dam Seo at her father’s grave and show his respect as Yi Soo’s friend. He try to convince her to help Lee In Jwa once again. He said In Jwa is waiting for her to asked for her forgiveness. Jung said, Dam Seo was In Jwa’s hope. He told that Kim Cahe Gun will looking for In Jwa to killed him.
Meantime at In Jwa place, he felt uneasy so he asked his man to pack their things up but Kim Chae Gun has arrived wanna kill In Jwa. At the same time at Daegil house someone has coming. Daegil asked Seol im and his grandfather to go inside the house. In order to protect In Jwa, Hwang Jin Ki the first person who face Kim Chae Gun. All of his man has losed to Kim Chae Gun’s hand so he decided to fight with Kim Chae Gun by himself but he was stabbed on his left chest. Daegil also have a fight with Jung’s man and he won. When Kim Chae Gun is about to kill In Jwa, Dam Seo appeared and In Jwa was so surprised.She wanna stop Chae Gun from killing In Jwa. She put the archery facing to Chae Gun to protect In Jwa. Chae Gun confront his sword to Dam Seo at the same time Daegil arrived and ask them to stop.
Dam Seo killed herself using Chae Gun sword and begging him to let In Jwa this time as a pay for her death. Both In Jwa and Daegil cannot accept that Dam Seo killed herself. Daegil use his Life Presever that been given from Kim Chae Gun and begging Chae Gun to let go of Lee In Jwa. He reminds Chae Gun about a sword. Some may killed some may save the live. Daegil brings Dam Seo death body and run the funeral for her. Both Daegil and Prince Yeoning was crying over he death Dam Seo and considering their memories together when Dam seo still alive.
Lee In Jwa wanna get a revenge for Dam Seo death. He puts all of the blame to the King Sukjong. After finished the Dam Seo’s funeral, he came to the palace and visit Prince Yeonryeong. He begin his talked with heirs of the throne. So the prince Yeonryeong is asking if he wanna manipulate him. In Jwa told him that he was the King’s favourite among his brother and asked him if he want to be a king or not. He also give another choice to make to Prince Yenryeong which is to follow him and change the wolrd. Prince Yeonryeong was so mad. In Jwa try to kill him using a and he told him how pain he was when his daughter died. Without listen to his man In Jwa killed Prince Yeonryeong.

My Personal Thoughts:
I think the Intermission of this drama was in this episode. For sure its not only me who was very shocked but everyone indeed. Many things happen in this episode. At the first King is lost his consciousness. Then the released of Lee In Jwa and his followers, this time I was thinking will the crown prince will be on In Jwa side. In this episode also happen where Jung started to reveal himself. Really hope that all of In Jwa and Jung activities will be reveal. I also hope that Daegil will make a wise decision for his life since the episode has left few more.
I love the scene where he made a promise to himself not to let anyone get hurt. That time he was responsible and of course I was touch by it. The most shocking scene was Dam Seo’s death. Up until now still thnking why she ended up like that because she was the leading lady. I really hope for a new development of their relationship. So I guess the kissing scene that Suk mention before was not with her kkkk. Would it be Seol Im ? hahahha we have to wait and see until the final episode.
At the critical time with him like this I was pray that there will be special episode for us jajajaja!!! I’m gonna miss him on screen for sure. Hope he will get more acting offer after finish filming Daebak.

Back to the drama, the end of episode 18 where In Jwa killed Prince Yeonryeong. This plot actually I don’t really accept it. What has Prince Yeonryeong to do with In Jwa, he also know that In Jwa is Crown Prince Baduk teacher. But I come to my sense, maybe he killed Prince Yeonryeong because he was King’s Favourite between his brothers. He want to make King feels how he feel after losing a daughter.

That’s all my thoughts. Hope all of you enjoy reading. I was so glad to do this writing as it was my first time. Hope I can have another chance to do awriting for another Suk’s drama.

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