7 thoughts on “Thoughts on ‘Daebak (The Royal Gambler)’ Episode 17

  1. Lij is lucky this time.hes wrong about trusting daegil to save him. I really want him to die but its still ep 17.kkk..
    I wonder what will he do next since daegil is the last card he have. Do u think he will succeed to influence daegil? If he do..I hope the reason is strong enough.

    thanks for the recap sis. Still not watch this ep yet.

    • Sukasukie Yi In Jwa won’t die yet, it’s not his time to die. Actually Yi In Jwa name do show in one of the historical record of Joseon Dynasty. He’s one of two main military leaders that where elected by several Soron leaders that launched an uprising to revolt during fourth year of Yeongjo’s reign, Musin Revolt 1728. Anyway thanks for your feedback.

  2. Sis, your entire FA was suuuperb!! starting from our prince’s best quote to your personal thoughts specially ur “theory of trust”.. The ep became much more clear.. Eels do have a different way to see the world.. Nothing can beat the bromance part of the drama ever (& our prince ofcourse).. Also Yeo jin goo is a great actor at such a young age.. No words to describe his tearful acting.. Enjoyed reading.. Thanku.

    • Thanks Priya for your feedback. Keep loving Jackpot/Daebak/The Royal Gambler because it’s really unpredictable, not like the usual drama. I have no idea what will happen next or Daegil next move. Each episode are interconnected with previous, present and coming episode so you have to follow the drama diligently.

  3. Thanks for this really terrific recap! You explain all of the action and everyone’s motives so clearly, and your thoughts about trust gave me a new way to understand the episode. I love your insights 🙂

    • Thanks Cmroma for your feedback. This drama have lots of hidden meaning. They way they talk to each other also got hidden meaning. Love to peel it up one by one, lovely for drama discussion. 🙂

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