[article] The Significance of ‘Jackpot (Royal Gambler)’ to Jang Keun Suk: “The Value of Hardship and a drama which makes me truly feel a sense of accomplishment”

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[Sports Chosun] For actor Jang Keun Suk, what is the significance of the TV drama ‘Jackpot’ (Royal Gambler)?

Currently filming passionately and continuously growing with Dae-gil in SBS drama Jackpot, Jang Keun Suk chose this as a starting point of the second stage in his acting career as he approaches 30. It is 8 years since Hong Gil Dong that he is challenging historical drama acting and has garnered a lot of notice and discussions.

He is currently back and forth filming in different film sets. Due to the long distance in travelling and waiting time and also unavoidable hardships during filming, memories of previous experiences made him scared of historical dramas. But through this drama, he understood the value of hardship and truly felt a sense of accomplishment.

Jang Keun Suk said: ‘Although filming is still hard but I gained a lot because of it. Before, I would feel the hardship part more. But now, when I read the script, I want to realise those scenes which make people cringe. Every time I see myself successfully performed those difficult scenes and emotions, I would feel a lot more happy. Nowadays, I wear Hanboks 30 days in a month. I’m living mainly as the character Baek Dae-gil and not as Jang Keun Suk. While filming, I received a lot of help and I also found a different type of significance, I am very happy.’

In the drama, Baek Dae-gil suffered a lot, he had to eat live crab and snake, he had to play a desperate and unfortunate character. In order to perform the life of such a Baek Dae-gil, Jang Keun Suk kept challenging and blending into the role. The harder it is, the more concentrated he is, Jang Keun Suk is already drowned in the role of Baek Dae-gil.

He said: ‘During this time in Jackpot, the new environment has woken up the lazy part of me which I didn’t think I was. It made me reflect on my acting compared to before, enabling me to find my sense of value. I think this can be the first step for the path of my ‘Daebak’ life.’ He expressed his unique passion with the drama.

He continues to challenge in this way, even when he receives hard knock, he would conquer himself and move forward and that’s like the real him which he showed through Jackpot.

Already know he’s the son of the king, how will Baek Dae-gil fight Lee In-jwa and change Joseon? Is receiving attention.

Actor Jang Keun Suk who is on an unlimited development path, we can see him tonight at 10pm on SBS drama ‘Jackpot’ (Royal Gambler).

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8 thoughts on “[article] The Significance of ‘Jackpot (Royal Gambler)’ to Jang Keun Suk: “The Value of Hardship and a drama which makes me truly feel a sense of accomplishment””

  1. We are always with u in ur start of a “daebak” life sukkie…. Your smile work wonders.. Be happy forever.. <3<3

  2. Hi morning everyone after reading the above article I feel I getting more understand JKS he is not only an actor but a person to learn from Dear JKS we fans love you very much fighting you got a long way to go be happy happy no matter what is ahead of you . You should know you have millions of fans to follow and support you till the end Good luck good health God bless you Love you always please take care of yourself Byebye everyone and thx for all those translations

  3. I feel so lucky to have become a fan and have the opportunity to watch JKS in this role. I already admire him and think he is remarkable. Now there is an extra level of admiration which comes after reading articles like this. To me, he is even more beautiful because he embraced the challenges and difficulties of this drama and truly his personal growth brings more richness to his portrayal of Dae Gil. It seems he is rediscovering his own self worth and finding a new sense of self-satisfaction through Dae Gil and his hardships. I hope my applause does not deafen you!

    • Hes an actor who want to potray himself through his character. Even we can see hes totally transform himself into his role.we can always relate with his real character. Its like eels know him too much..kkk..I hope this drama will ends well. Its ok..without dam seo..I wish for daegil happiness because hes really deserve that.

  4. He works so hard and it doesn’t go unnoticed. He has done a superb job as Baek Dae Gil. It really shows in his acting. Baek Dae Gil is one of my favorite characters. Inspirational performance. I’ll study hard and be dedicated like Jang Keun Suk even if I can only become half as good of an actress as hw is an actor.

  5. Hi,Dania,
    You expressed how eels feel for JKS so beautifully.Thanks to you and everyone who works so hard for this site and for all who express their love and admiration
    for JKS.

  6. HI sir ,iam really happy of ur fan.we always be with u and we chear-up to u.u r the most fantastic hero to me,u can do Baek dae gil character.And we curisoly watch ur new drama.ALL IS WELL.


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