[Pics] Daegil from ‘Daebak’ episode 18

Credit: SBSNOW twitter


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5 thoughts on “[Pics] Daegil from ‘Daebak’ episode 18”

  1. Wah…Sukkie looks gd in his new costume…omg..he looks gd in anything..even in the prison clothes previously… (*o*)..heehee…

  2. I could n’t believe it till the end!! Why did they kill damseo??? So upset!! I like seol im more still what was her fault?? I would have really dropped the show tonight if it was not my suk’s drama..

  3. Daebak episode 17 was great but last night episode??? What’s wrong with you hey writer-nim???!!!! Don’t make it a death parade, make it logic even a bit.. Please! But i still believe in Sukkie’s choice no matter what. Finger cross that the next eps will getting better than this one..

  4. What the @#&*^? Now I don’t understand where the story is going to. The new handsome look of Baek Dae Gil and his acting saved this episode. I’m thinking that just like his Dad, maybe Dam Seo is still alive heh? Or maybe Seol Lim will really be his queen….mmmm wait..is Seol Lim an eel? he he he 🙂


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