[Preview] SBS ‘Daebak (The Royal Gambler)’ Episode 18

Credit: DramaSBS

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13 thoughts on “[Preview] SBS ‘Daebak (The Royal Gambler)’ Episode 18”

  1. Worried for dam seo.. Happy to see baek man geum with daegil.. Gonna watch new actions of our prince today..

  2. Dam Seo shud not die right?? She’s the female lead!! Although I still prefer him with Seol Im…but dam seo is a very confused character..pitiful actually…I dun remember seeing her smile in the drama till date..

  3. i was having a fine string of hope that she will pull through…but..but…haiz…on the other hand though it means the 2 brothers will not need to fight for the same girl…
    it could also be that the story changed in the course of filming…like in the interview Sukkie do not even know if he will have a kiss scene..lol! this is really keeping us in suspense…another 6 eps to go…till now its not even possible to guess what’s the ending like…really DAEBAK!!!!

  4. Yes,the suspense is too much.Dam Seo’s death was so unexpected.She was Daegil’s true love,why did she have to die ?


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