[Pic] Daegil (JKS) with Little Crown Prince (Lee Tae-Woo)

Original source: albert_bong_mom Instagram
English translation: Wen Lee from ECI

Today is Tae-Woo’s healing day~^^
During the day, he was acting with angel-like Mother Lee Young Ae in Herstory, felt healing… At night, he came to work in Jackpot after a long while, saw Hyung Jang Keun Suk, felt healing~^^ He’s with Hyung JKS who seems to have become Tae-Woo’s idol recently…^^

태우는 오늘 힐링하는 날이래용~^^
낮엔 천사같은 이영애엄마랑 사임당찍으며 힐링하고… 밤엔 오랫만에 대박찍으러 와서 장근석형아보고 힐링이 된다네용~^^ 요즘 태우의 우상같은 장근석형아랑…^^

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