4 thoughts on “Thoughts on ‘Daebak (The Royal Gambler)’ Episode 11”

  1. Sis i liked your description abt chae gun’s effect on our Daegil.. I want to see them together again. Although I pity In jwa but i can never forget all those torture our poor Daegil felt. He even killed his loving father.. “why would a man turn into a beast?” This line tells us how special, how unique, cool n loving our MAN is..<3<3 But is Lady Choi really going to die?? I expected a lot of mom-son scenes with our Daegil.. Thanku for the recaps..

  2. Thanks for this wonderful recap sis…yes…the line of “why would a man turn into a beast” gives us instant insight of the man Dae Gil choose to become.. he will never steap that low as to offer everything and anything just to put things to his hands..
    The stakes at the gambling table will go up and up!!
    Following real history.. Lady Choi and the King will die before this drama comes to an end…just wondering what lies between that and the end
    Can’t wait for the next episodes


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